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Little known giant health care issues facing the United States

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Did you know that the health care system in the United States is literally killing more than 500 patients on a daily basis due to accidents, errors and infections in health institutions alone with mortality rates rising every day from procedures that are dangerous to perform and unnecessary But this is just one of the little known health care issue that the United States is facing If you dig deeper, there are plenty more little known giant health care issues facing the United States in

Guide to taking control of health records

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Did you know that very few people ever see their health records Your health records belong to you and you have every right to ask for them or see them While most of us rarely leave a store without a receipt, very few of us actually think about taking medical records with them after a visit to the doctor Health records are extremely important because they contain all of your vital data such as allergies, blood type, previous prescriptions, health conditions, immunizations, emergency contacts

How Much Weight Can You Gain Per Day?

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Not everyone wants to lose weight You may want to gain weight instead Perhaps you are wondering how much weight you can gain in one day You Can Gain One Or Two Pounds If you want fast results, it is possible to gain a pound or two rather quickly However, fast results do not mean long term results One approach to fast weight gain is to consume large quantities of water You can drink a quart or more of water per day To increase the results, add extra salt to your diet This

The More Alkaline The Better? Is A PH Of 9.5 Healthier Than 7.5 In Drinking Water?

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When health experts advise people to drink alkaline water, they often advise water with a high pH level While alkaline water provides health benefits, high pH water has extra benefits High pH For Working Out Alkaline water with a high pH level is an excellent drink before working out Your performance and endurance can be increased when your body is alkalized The salt or citrus will add electrolytes, and the honey will provide natural energy, while the water helps you stay

Dangers Of Obesity: How Obesity Can Harm Your Health

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There are many serious health issues that can be caused by obesity Your weight can directly affect your health Obesity And Diabetes When you are significantly overweight, you have a much higher risk of developing diabetes Obesity increases your risk of insulin resistance It is more difficult for your body to control your blood sugar levels Obesity And Cardiovascular Health Obesity increases your risk of heart disease, weakened heart muscle, and heart attacks It can contribute to

What is the Best Trick to Unlock Your Hip Flexors in 2019?

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Do you ever do sit ups with your feet hooked in  When you do this, do you feel an odd pinch  Well, that's normal It's your hip flexors!  The hip flexor is made up of a group of 12 muscles that historically are used too much, as well as having the tendency to become shorter due to sitting idle Most people don't focus on this muscle group, not even the most knowledgable of bodybuilders  However, this muscle group should NOT be forgotten because they are key on making swift athletic moves