Tips for Doing Yoga outdoors

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When it comes to doing yoga, there are many places that you can do this activity, for example, you can do yoga in the comfort of your own home, go to a yoga class or, you can even do yoga outdoors With so many options, you will be able to make sure you can do yoga at any time In this article, we will discuss some top tips for doing yoga outdoors If this is something that you would like to find out more about then, make sure you keep reading this article Find the Right Location One of the


Why Learning Yoga in South Jersey May Just Be What You Need

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We can have everything we want in life – or at least think we do We can excel in our chosen fields of profession, hold significant authority over society, be extremely popular in our communities and yet still feel like we lack something And we realize that this “something” isn’t anything money or power and fame can achieve This something that we lack may be rooted to our very core We lack synchronicity with ourselves – mind, body, soul, and spiritRead this:


How Safe is an MRI?

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An MRI, or a magnetic resonance imaging scan, can help doctors monitor treatment, or diagnose an injury or disease Scans can be performed on different areas of the body to detect things like cancer, brain injuries, stroke, heart disease, liver and kidney health, and joint damage If you’ve never had an MRI, you may be wondering how safe the procedure is How Do MRIs Work An MRI machine uses a large magnet that connects to a computer to take pictures of the body part being scanned Each

Lose Weight Even When You’re Injured Using These 3 Tips

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You're injured, and you're afraid that all of your weight loss efforts are going in reverse You might even notice your pants fitting tighter It's a major concern for a lot of people And while injury severity varies greatly, you'll find a lot of motivational stories to keep you on the right track There are people in phenomenal shape that have one leg, use a wheelchair or have torn ligaments You just need to take the right approach to continue on your weight loss journey It's all about

5 Natural Ways to Help Manage Chronic Pain

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About 235 million people in the United States suffer from chronic pain, according to the National Health Institute To make matters worse, 176% of those Americans suffer from severe pain For many, opioids become the drug of choice to alleviate the pain But the reliance on these drugs has led to an epidemic in the US, where 21 million people now have an opioid use disorder To avoid addiction, many people with chronic pain are seeking out natural alternative treatments to find relief Here

How I Modify My Box Jumps at CrossFit

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While I'm still in Florida, I've spent as much time at my CrossFit gym as I can During a recent session during open gym (ie when members can work out on their own without a coach-led class), the WOD for that day had included box jumps For over a year and a half, I've had some tendon issues that made box jumps difficult, so I had a brainstorm about how I could modify them, and in the video below, I demonstrate it! In the vid, you'll see that the day's prescribed workout was going to be