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Bulletproof Coffee And The Mission To Become Mentally Impervious

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Bulletproof coffee is what you would call a Nootropic product or even an example of biohacking The people behind their assorted drinks and extras are aiming to improve mental performance with a drink that clients were going to enjoy daily anyway Why not give your body a real and lasting boost, not just 15 minutes of feeling buzzed Here is what you can expect from a cup of Bulletproof java Mission at Bulletproof Regardless of the drink in question, the team at Bulletproof has one aim:


Onnit Alpha BRAIN: Are You With It?

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Apparently, science backs up claims by Aubrey Marcus, founder of Onnit, that his product Alpha BRAIN really does help the brain function at a higher level Onnit makes Nootropics; substances developed or found in nature to enhance mental performance in a variety of ways As for Alpha Brain, there could be some surprises in store, even from the first time you take it What are Nootropics First, let's look at the topic of nootropics In a general way, lots of people take them without making a