What is the Best Trick to Unlock Your Hip Flexors in 2019?

Do you ever do sit ups with your feet hooked in?  When you do this, do you feel an odd pinch?  Well, that’s normal. It’s your hip flexors!  The hip flexor is made up of a group of 12 muscles that historically are used too much, as well as having the tendency to become shorter due to sitting idle.

Most people don’t focus on this muscle group, not even the most knowledgable of bodybuilders.  However, this muscle group should NOT be forgotten because they are key on making swift athletic moves like jumping, squatting, and running.  Today I’m going to share the 2017 top methods to getting these up to par.


What are the Top Hip Flexor Exercises of 2017?

Targeted stretching is the #1 thing you can add to your daily routine if you are really looking to loosen these flexors.  You’ll also need to stop doing exercises that have the tendency to add too much strain on this muscle group.

Avoid:  Feet Hooked Sit-ups.

In addition, there are three exercises you can add instantly to your routine that will help you with this quest.  Here they are:

1. Double-Leg Curl

Start by laying face down on your stomach.  Flex your feet, with your knees bent and lift your heels towards your butt.  Start with 30 reps, holding for a few seconds each time you bring them up, as a warmup.  Once you have done this, try holding for a full 30 seconds.  Try this with a 30 second rest between sets, performing this for a full three sets.

2. Supine Gravity Stretch

Lie down on your back on any bench, firm bed, or massage table and allow your legs to hang over the side.  Grab one knee and pull it towards your chest, holding it with your hands as the other hangs over the side still.  Do this twice, holding for two seconds, alternate legs, and try for 15.

3. Lunges

We’ve all done some sort of lunging over the years.  The lunges are a great way to sculpt your legs.  In this lunge, start on a mat or surface that gives.  Step forward with one foot, keeping a right angle with your back leg and keeping your alternate leg parallel to the floor. Hold 10 seconds on each side, and do NOT do this until you do the other two stretches.

Of course, there are many guides out there that go very in depth with these stretches and many more.  If you are serious about building up your hip flexor strength to really unlock the best muscle group (and most important) in your body, I urge you to check out the page below as it is 100% focused on helping you achieve just that.

Recommended Reading:  the ultimate guide to unlock your hip flexors.

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