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4 Ways to Recover Faster From Surgery

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Surgery can either add to your health, or, when not taken seriously, can lead to even more health issues In most cases, a person that maintains a healthy lifestyle and includes fitness into their daily routine will be able to recover from surgery faster If you want to recover from surgery faster, you’ll want to: 1 Keep All of Your Appointments Do not, under any circumstance, skip any of your follow-up appointments It's never a good idea to skip these appointments because they’re

How Safe is an MRI?

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An MRI, or a magnetic resonance imaging scan, can help doctors monitor treatment, or diagnose an injury or disease Scans can be performed on different areas of the body to detect things like cancer, brain injuries, stroke, heart disease, liver and kidney health, and joint damage If you’ve never had an MRI, you may be wondering how safe the procedure is How Do MRIs Work An MRI machine uses a large magnet that connects to a computer to take pictures of the body part being scanned Each

How Drivers are Staying in Shape While Staying on the Road

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Truckers, rideshare drivers and taxi drivers spend most of their day behind the wheel Transporting goods or passengers is a job that requires dedication and a lot of sitting But studies have shown that sitting for six hours a day increases your risk of heart disease death by 64% Breast cancer risks increase Blood circulation suffers Weight is gained Staying in shape while on the road is important, and you may be able to negate some of the bad side effects of sitting all day through


What to Do After Getting a Tooth Knocked Out? Getting Your First Denture

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Teeth fall out, or teeth get knocked out Sports stars, I'm looking at you hockey players, know that they have a higher risk of their teeth being knocked out But when you see these sports stars, you'll also notice something: they don't get implants Sure, when they retire, they have the money to have their teeth replaced and probably do Yet, when they're still playing their sport, they'll often get dentures Dentures are an everyday part of life, and even if your teeth fell out or were

Lose Weight Even When You’re Injured Using These 3 Tips

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You're injured, and you're afraid that all of your weight loss efforts are going in reverse You might even notice your pants fitting tighter It's a major concern for a lot of people And while injury severity varies greatly, you'll find a lot of motivational stories to keep you on the right track There are people in phenomenal shape that have one leg, use a wheelchair or have torn ligaments You just need to take the right approach to continue on your weight loss journey It's all about

5 Natural Ways to Help Manage Chronic Pain

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About 235 million people in the United States suffer from chronic pain, according to the National Health Institute To make matters worse, 176% of those Americans suffer from severe pain For many, opioids become the drug of choice to alleviate the pain But the reliance on these drugs has led to an epidemic in the US, where 21 million people now have an opioid use disorder To avoid addiction, many people with chronic pain are seeking out natural alternative treatments to find relief Here