How Much Weight Can You Gain Per Day?

Not everyone wants to lose weight. You may want to gain weight instead. Perhaps you are wondering how much weight you can gain in one day.

You Can Gain One Or Two Pounds

If you want fast results, it is possible to gain a pound or two rather quickly. However, fast results do not mean long term results.

One approach to fast weight gain is to consume large quantities of water.

You can drink a quart or more of water per day. To increase the results, add extra salt to your diet.

This approach is not beneficial on a long term basis because the weight you will gain is water weight.

A second approach is to drastically increase your intake of calories.

As it requires more than 3500 calories to add one pound, a significant amount of overeating can help you gain weight.

There are reasons this approach is not ideal. First, you will burn calories as you consume them. Second, extreme overeating can result in fat instead of muscle.


There Are Other Factors To Consider

Enzymes are needed for proper digestion. Huge meals may not digest properly. If the food you eat is not digested, it will not be absorbed into your body. You will not gain the weight you want.

Your metabolism is another issue. If you overdo your calorie intake, your metabolism will not be as effective. The weight gain you hope for may not occur.

Fast, Effective Weight Gain

This does not mean it is impossible to gain weight. The safest, most effective approach is to gain between one and two pounds in a week. Instead of eating as much as you possibly can, eat a nutritious, balanced diet with a higher calorie content. Consume healthy fats, carbohydrates, and plenty of lean protein.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day, but limit your intake of sodium. You will stay hydrated, without developing water retention. Water weight may seem like extra pounds when you step on the scale, but it will be lost through normal urination and perspiration.

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You should also boost your activity levels when you want to gain weight. While working out burns calories, it also produces muscle mass. The weight you gain will be lean muscle instead of body fat. Add daily workouts to your schedule, and you will see muscle develop.

Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, there are no shortcuts to overnight results. If you do not want water weight or body fat, all you need to do is proceed slowly.

With a reasonable calorie increase in your daily diet, moderate exercise, and avoiding excess sodium, you can reach an appropriate weight. When you want to gain weight and keep it on, this is the way to reach your goal.




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