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Cannabis Use and Youth: Why Teens Smoke Less In Marijuana Legal States

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While more and more states are riding the wave of marijuana legalization - for medicinal or recreational purposes, or both - the talk about the repercussions is still tagging along As expected, one of the major concerns is the possibility of increased teen use Danger and warnings are accompanied by pleas to ʽthink of the childrenʼ, but it seems that none of it is truly justified Founded Concerns, Unfounded Fears There are still many that are worried that legalizing or decriminalizing


Qualifying Conditions For Medical Marijuana Usage

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Medical marijuana has become a favored form of treatment because it is effective and does not produce the side effects associated with pharmaceutical products As the qualifying conditions vary from state to state, you should check your state laws or ask your physician if the condition you have is on the list However, medical marijuana can be useful for many common conditions Cancer There can be a number of benefits to using medical marijuana for cancer First, some studies show it can


Pot Infused Pizza Comes to Massachusetts

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I've officially seen it all!  While we've been having a lot of fun covering the medical marijuana industry and all of the stuff it's brought out to cannabis products, I never thought the day would come where people could eat pizza and get their medicine Getting High While Eating Pizza I wouldn't have believed it, but it was reported here on Yahoo! that you can now eat pizza and treat your pain, thanks to Ermont, Inc, which is located in Quincy  According to CBS news in Boston, customers are

What’s The Best Way To Take CBD For Pain Relief?

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If you have decided to use CBD for pain relief, you have made a wise decision As there are so many CBD products available, you may wonder which is the best option and why it is the right choice Although other CBD products can provide pain relief, you will benefit from choosing an oral spray Why Choose CBD Oral Spray CBD oral spray is effective It is a fast-acting product for pain relief When the product is absorbed orally, its nutrients enter your bloodstream and cells within


Does Vaping CBD Have Any Benefits?

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CBD can be found in many forms One example is the CBD oil that can be used in vaping products If you are not familiar with vaping CBD, there are a number of benefits you may wish to consider Vaping CBD For Health Benefits There are many health conditions that can respond to CBD It can relieve pain and inflammation, reduce anxiety and stress, can reduce blood pressure, and can reduce the side effects associated with cancer and cancer treatments However, there is an important benefit to


Can CBD Help Inflammation?

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Cannabidiol is said to have many uses and benefits One category of health benefits connected to CBD is its effects on inflammation While not all inflammation is the same, the condition you experience may respond to CBD What Is Inflammation Acute inflammation is useful When you experience a minor injury, for example, inflammation helps your body heal This type of inflammation does not last long, and generally disappears after the healing is completed Chronic inflammation is entirely