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Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water

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Alkaline water is not a fad Many doctors and health experts recommend it for its health benefits When you are familiar with its benefits, you will want to choose it over plain tap water or standard bottled water Alkaline Water For A Healthy Heart Alkaline water has a number of benefits that can keep your heart healthy When you drink it regularly, it can reduce your cholesterol levels and your blood pressure You can have a lower risk of heart disease Alkaline Water For Healthy

The Health Benefits Of Turmeric

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You may have turmeric in your kitchen spice cabinet, but it is also available in the form of supplements When you add this spice to recipes, or take daily supplements, it can provide many health benefits Turmeric As An Anti-Inflammatory Product The active component in turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties As inflammation in the body can cause numerous health issues, and cause chronic conditions to worsen, turmeric can be the ideal way to reduce inflammation and have better

Reversing Diabetes Through Meal Replacement Shakes, Soup and Green Vegetables?

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There are a couple articles circling around by Richard Doughty about how he reversed diabetes naturally through a 'starvation diet', where he consumed just meal replacement shakes, soup, and green vegetables Here Is The Crazy Thing He did this in just 11 days! Here is one of the articles on Daily Mail if you want to read it I just get so excited about stories like this, and similar topics that are in the Spontaneous Remission Bibliography Project of seeming miraculous healings of

Benefits Of Adding Fresh Lemon Juice To Your Water

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When you want a refreshing drink, add lemon juice to your water It can provide a number of health benefits Lemon Juice Has Nutrients Important nutrients you will have include Vitamin C and potassium Vitamin C boosts the immune system, and helps you resist the common cold Potassium is useful for heart health, nerve function, and brain health There are many other nutrients in lemons that benefit your health, too Healthier Digestion Lemon juice can relieve indigestion, and remove

The Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice

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There is a reason aloe vera juice is known as a superfood It can provide many benefits to your health Benefits For Your Oral Health Aloe vera juice can keep your teeth and gums healthy As it eliminates bacteria and reduces inflammation, it can reduce your risk of bleeding gums, gum disease, and tooth loss Benefits For Hydration Dehydration is an uncomfortable experience, and severe dehydration is dangerous You can keep your body hydrated by drinking fresh aloe vera juice Vitamins

What Are The Best Natural Laxatives?

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Over the counter laxatives can be unhealthy and habit-forming Instead of buying a laxative, try some natural alternatives There are many natural products that can relieve constipation, and can help prevent constipation if added to your daily diet High-Fiber Foods Fiber-rich foods provide bulk to relieve constipation Some fiber-rich foods also have a high liquid content to promote healthy digestion and regularity Raw, fresh fruits provide both of these benefits When you choose fruits that