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The 4 Best Hip Flexor Stretches

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If you don't know how important your hip flexors are, you are seriously behind the eight ball  There isn't a muscle group in your body that is more important as you age than your hip flexors A quick look at the news this week reveals how many athletes are hit with an issue involving their hip flexors  Here is a quick glance at some news that hit the presses today showcasing athletes with hip flexor problems Why do Our Hips Become Tight Think about what you do all day  Most likely, you

Best Foods To Burn Fat And Build Muscle

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Whether your goal is to improve your body, your health, or both, physical fitness starts by burning fat and building muscle Regardless of how much time you put into working out, or what your exercise routines consist of, when you want to burn fat and build muscle consider the types of food you eat Protein In Your Diet Your balanced diet should be a protein-rich diet When you are planning your diet, do not neglect dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, and grains For muscle


Boxing Is The Best Most Entertaining Cardio Workout Ever – And The Time Flies

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I have been looking to pick up my cardio game, and I just can't say enough about boxing It is by far the best and most entertaining cardio workout ever! I'm not talking about the sparring aspect, but just the techniques and workout themselves Greg has mentioned how he loves Jiu Jitsu, and I imagine it is for the same reason I don't know if you have ever tried sticking with a cardio routine, but man can that get boring quick! Maybe you are thinking about it and came across this article

Understanding Hip Flexor Pain Symptoms

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Many people pose the question "what exactly are hip flexors used for"  The answer is simple:  they allow you to bend at the waist and life your knees  It's important to know that if you strain these muscles, you can be in severe pain  It can happen very suddenly, and today I'll talk about the symptoms of hip flexor pain It's a little known fact that these are some of the strongest muscles in the human body, and that they are found buried quite deep in the abdominal cavity Every time you

Guest Editorial: What Happened When We Questioned a Prescription for Levofloxacin

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This is a post about the potential dangers of a specific prescription drug (Levaquin, aka Levofloxacin) that my husband was prescribed today (June 11, 2017) I’m writing this as a guest post – not to tell you not to take this drug, but to tell you about today’s incident, and why you – the consumer – need to be aware of what your health care providers are prescribing, often without truly paying attention to the potentially serious side effects of the medication I have nothing to gain


Foods That Exacerbate Inflammation

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Inflammation can worsen auto-immune conditions such as arthritis When inflammation causes your body to consistently produce immune cells, it may result in heart disease or cancer These conditions are only some examples of why inflammation is dangerous, and why you should make healthy food choices to avoid it Sugar Sugar increases inflammation in your body It is not enough to avoid refined sugar Look for other words on product labels Fructose, sucrose, and corn syrup are common