Eating Vegan

4 Easy WaysTo Make Vegan Keto Recipes

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A Vegan Keto Diet is an excellent way to lose weight without compromising on your health This is because it consists of a lot of foods high in vegetable-fat like butter and nuts, tons of green vegetables, and a very limited intake of carbohydrates A strict vegan keto diet allows the body to switch from processing glucose, a bi-product of carbs; to processing fat for energy, which is the body’s secondary source of energy You can learn more about vegan diets and how it affects your body on


My Experiment in Trying to Eat Vegan

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Let me begin by telling you that I'm a life long carnivore  I know people say to eat red meat "once or twice" per week, but the reality is, I've eaten red meat once or twice per day since college  While I've never experienced any health problems, I do know that I should cut down on the red meat, and I may even lose weight in doing so I've lost almost 30 pounds since 2015  I've eaten red meat all along  I enjoy it, and even when I'm going "clean" I find myself making lean, ground bison