Five Supplements that Help Support Your Metabolism

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As we age, our metabolism begins to slow down When it does, we can start to see extra weight in places it never existed before Eating healthy and exercising regularly are certainly parts of the equation when it comes to an overall healthy metabolism, but did you know that you can also take supplements to ensure that your body's working at its most tip-top shape It's true! There are quite a few supplements on the market that are known to boost metabolism, control weight, and aid in positive


Athletic Greens Ingredients: Putting the SUPER in Superfood

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Both Martin and I have offered up individual Athletic Greens reviews here on the site, and today I want to expand on this, and cover some of the individual Athletic Greens INGREDIENTS I'll give you the short version first: They are superb Plain and simple This is truly one of the absolute best super green drinks either of us have ever used Ever The backstory on why quality ingredients are so important: We live in a fast paced world that leaves little time for grocery shopping and cooking

Report: Wealthy People Exercise, Poor People Take Shortcuts

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I read this report and couldn't help but to think of myself  Just under three years ago, I was lugging around 30 more pounds on my 5'9" frame  At the time, I would have done anything to lose the weight  I met a girl, she was a health nut, and I felt like a slob  I started working out, and now it's once again a way of life This report that I refer to is something that hit home  It stated that "poor people - and poor women in particular - are more likely to be overweight and obese" The

What is the Best Way to Detox Your Body in 2017

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With all of the Summer fun I've been having, I've been doing many detoxes to rid my body of the toxins that come with getting together with loved ones  Add up all the beers consumed over the Summer Cookouts, the days on the lake, ocean, and just enjoying the Summer Vibes, and there is a lot of bad stuff entering the human body Over the years I've come up with many remedies for cleansing my body  Today I'm going to talk about this topic, once again, and answer a question that is often posed

Athletic Greens versus the Competition

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To enjoy a healthy lifestyle it's obvious that you must make conscious choices about the foods and supplements you consume While some foods may be rich in healthy nutrients others may not be ideal for the benefit of your physical development No surprises there! So, obviously, consuming a balanced diet is one of the many ways to ensure good health However, some people may find it difficult to watch their diet because of any number of reasons Such individuals can benefit by taking superfoods