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How to Perform a House Cleansing for Your Health and Energy

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The energy in your space makes a huge difference on your overall mood and well-being You want your home to bring you joy and comfort, but a stagnant stale home can do quite the opposite When your space isn't right you aren't inspired and your more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression Set your space right and benefit from a flow of positive and creative energy A house cleansing is a perfect way to spiritually cleanse your space Keep reading for our guide on cleaning your home


How Drivers are Staying in Shape While Staying on the Road

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Truckers, rideshare drivers and taxi drivers spend most of their day behind the wheel Transporting goods or passengers is a job that requires dedication and a lot of sitting But studies have shown that sitting for six hours a day increases your risk of heart disease death by 64% Breast cancer risks increase Blood circulation suffers Weight is gained Staying in shape while on the road is important, and you may be able to negate some of the bad side effects of sitting all day through


Guide to Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

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Guide to Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss Meal replacement shakes are among the leading options when it comes to weight loss They are often used in a combination with healthy foods and an exercise routine to lose weight But how can you start using meal replacements yourself and is it really a good idea in terms of health  First step is to check out these top rated meal replacement shakes Calories Matter One of the most important characteristics to remember with meal replacements

5 Ways To Become A Healthier Adult

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Being healthy isn’t easy, and it’s actually become a national epidemic in the United States When it comes to obesity, it has been named the number one health crises in America Not only are jobs becoming less and less physically active, but there is also a growing number of processed foods that lead to health problems and weight gain If you’ve noticed that this has become a problem for you, now is the time to change it When you get older, not only is it more difficult to lose weight, but


Day 1 of My 7 Day Soup Diet and Detox

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Hi folks, Today marked the first day of the special 7 day soup diet and detox I'm committed to Fortunately, I have the help my husband, who is supporting my efforts! This is the protocol that Hoang Le, the massage therapist I'm working with at my gym (I talk about him in this video at my channel), is helping me with in order to get me past some of the sugar and wheat "overload" that my body has been struggling with for a long time Anyway, if you have been keeping up with my video series

Athletic Greens versus the Competition

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To enjoy a healthy lifestyle it's obvious that you must make conscious choices about the foods and supplements you consume While some foods may be rich in healthy nutrients others may not be ideal for the benefit of your physical development No surprises there! So, obviously, consuming a balanced diet is one of the many ways to ensure good health However, some people may find it difficult to watch their diet because of any number of reasons Such individuals can benefit by taking superfoods