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Todd Stohrdahl keeps a close eye on fitness topics and will never turn down an opportunity to play competitive sports. He's a fierce competitor and brings his "hustle and muscle" mentality to our editorial team.

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Ice Bath Benefits And Precautions If You Take One

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When you work out, you want to utilize every approach that can make working out a better experience One idea you may have heard of is an ice bath Benefits Of An Ice Bath Working out can be painful If you become injured, recovery can stop you from working out for a period of time Ice baths can address these issues An ice bath can reduce your risk of injury It can also reduce the pain that comes from working out The small tears in your muscles will heal faster, and you will recover

5 Amazing Vaping Benefits They Don’t Want You To Know

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This is a guest contribution from someone who got in touch with us at HealthTransformation who has vaped for a number of years, and credits it with dramatically improving their life, and they wish to remain anonymous They mentioned to us how, in the public eye, vaping is shed in negative light a lot of the time, and that, how it was pointed out in this article on Vice, that most studies are looking into the negative side effects of vaping, as opposed to the benefits They also wanted us to

How To Burn The Most Calories At Home

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If you have a busy life, you may not have time to fit frequent visits to the gym into your schedule As exercise is only useful if you do it regularly, there are fast, effective ways to burn calories When you start with some calorie-burning routines that you can easily do at home, you will be able to exercise every day Calorie-Burning With Cardiovascular Exercise Cardiovascular exercise is a fast way to burn calories High-impact exercise can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour Jumping rope

How Much Weight Can You Gain Per Day?

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Not everyone wants to lose weight You may want to gain weight instead Perhaps you are wondering how much weight you can gain in one day You Can Gain One Or Two Pounds If you want fast results, it is possible to gain a pound or two rather quickly However, fast results do not mean long term results One approach to fast weight gain is to consume large quantities of water You can drink a quart or more of water per day To increase the results, add extra salt to your diet This

Jobs That Require Drug Testing

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With the legalization of cannabis in many States in the USA, people are finding that they are able to obtain various forms of marijuana, either with medical clearance, or just purchasing it in one of the States that has legalized the use of it However, that does NOT mean that it's okay to use this if you are working in an environment that requires you to operate machinery  Of course, you must be keen on the rules and regulations set forth by your employer as they are obviously thinking

What is the Best Trick to Unlock Your Hip Flexors in 2019?

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Do you ever do sit ups with your feet hooked in  When you do this, do you feel an odd pinch  Well, that's normal It's your hip flexors!  The hip flexor is made up of a group of 12 muscles that historically are used too much, as well as having the tendency to become shorter due to sitting idle Most people don't focus on this muscle group, not even the most knowledgable of bodybuilders  However, this muscle group should NOT be forgotten because they are key on making swift athletic moves

What is the Best Way to Detox Your Body in 2017

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With all of the Summer fun I've been having, I've been doing many detoxes to rid my body of the toxins that come with getting together with loved ones  Add up all the beers consumed over the Summer Cookouts, the days on the lake, ocean, and just enjoying the Summer Vibes, and there is a lot of bad stuff entering the human body Over the years I've come up with many remedies for cleansing my body  Today I'm going to talk about this topic, once again, and answer a question that is often posed

Common Myths and Facts About Supplements that You Should Know

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Most misguided people shy away from using enhancement supplements because of the myths they heard or read However, most legit supplements have been proven by experts to provide positive results depending on usage, a complementary diet, and workouts If you visit the Steroids Evolution Website, then you will read more about great steroid supplements that can help you build muscles Below are a number of myths and facts about supplements to help those who are skeptical about them have a different

Mid Summer Cleansing Options

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So you just finished up your epic Fourth of July, and you feel like you may be slightly larger in the waist than you expected to be!  I feel your pain  This year was particularly difficult because the 4th of July fell on a Tuesday  #onaTuesday This meant that most people with 9-5 jobs working in Corporate environments needed to relax  For most of them that I know, this meant taking off on Friday and making this a five day weekend  Five days of anything can be a real positive or negative

The 4 Best Hip Flexor Stretches

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If you don't know how important your hip flexors are, you are seriously behind the eight ball  There isn't a muscle group in your body that is more important as you age than your hip flexors A quick look at the news this week reveals how many athletes are hit with an issue involving their hip flexors  Here is a quick glance at some news that hit the presses today showcasing athletes with hip flexor problems Why do Our Hips Become Tight Think about what you do all day  Most likely, you