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Negligence in Personal Training

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Personal training is an almost entirely unregulated industry That means, as far as the law is concerned- anyone can be a trainer As far as the average personal training client is concerned, the only qualifications needed are the endorsement of some fitness company, a fit-looking body, and maybe a few certifications hanging on the wall Most personal trainers will have some form of certification Few gyms will hire a trainer who has no certifications and few insurance providers will offer


One Step Forward – Two Steps Back (and Thoughts on Keto)

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Hi everyone It's been a while since I posted because I've had a couple of setbacks over the last couple of months But, it's all good in the long run, because I'm using them as an opportunity to hurl myself over some obstacles As a result, I've been contemplating trying a Ketogenic (Keto) dietary approach for a while - or at least a modified version of Keto to start with Here's the backstory After over a year or more of feeling plagued by hamstring, tendon and now back issues, and a bunch of

Introducing Kathy, our Newest Contributor

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Hi everyone, My name is Kathy, and I was both delighted and honored to be invited by Greg to join the HealthTransformationnet family as a contributor and author In addition to creating articles that will cover some of things I'm most passionate about in life (healthy cooking, spirituality, and wellness product reviews since I'm a "review fanatic"), there is another thing that (after a lot of encouragement and support from both Greg and Martin) I'll be posting: my personal journey back to

Wholetones Review: Michael Tyrrell Healing Music Project

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Thinking of buying Wholetones and looking to read a true review first You've got one here! We purchased Wholetones, so this comes straight from the heart! When I first stumbled onto Wholetones healing frequencies a couple of years ago, Michael Tyrrell instantly grabbed my heart Of course, anyone who knows me personally already knows that music is an extremely important part of my life It always has been - it's almost as though I cannot remember any time in my life where I haven't been