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Subtle Senses: The Power of Essential Oils

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Essential oils have been in use throughout history, but with centuries of focusing on the progress, we seem to have forgotten some basic wisdoms of our ancestors. This includes their notion of wellness, psychophysical well-being which they’ve harbored and cherished with reverence. We, on the other hand, have just begun to turn to it.

Turn to these natural methods of healing using essential oils

In the face of such abrasive and intrusive medical help, with new medicine being tested every day, we have turned to alternative, natural and pleasant methods when it comes to our everyday well-being. Essential oils have become indispensable in this regard. Dive into the many uses and benefits of essential oils to improve your everyday wellness.

Different Benefits and Uses


Essential oils can be used to enhance beauty, whether it be the body, oral, hair or skincare. Different oils can be used to calm irritated skin, cure eczema and acne, neutralize oily skin, remove blemishes, improve circulation and improve breath, respiration and mouth hygiene. Just dilute them in neutral creams, toothpastes or shampoos as they are too concentrated for direct application.

Look into homemade hacks and tricks on how to make deodorants, eye serums, cuticle softeners, lip balms, relaxing soaps and even your own essential oils.


Our sense of smell is the most rudimentary sense, which makes it tied the most with our unconscious being. We react to bad smell just as we would to danger and pestilence. But we also react to pleasant smells, which have an overall impact on our psyche and health. This is why aromatherapy is used to reduce stress, regulate bad emotions, uplift the spirit, improve mood and even stimulate sexual drive.

You can use simple candles and oil lamps, or buy diffusers, larger ones for the house and mini diffusers for your car or office. You can read the full review here.


Apart from being used in homemade cosmetics, there are other practical tricks you can try at home to improve your household environment. If you’re crafty and enjoy making your own solutions, or just feel the need to freshen up your house with natural and simple hacks. Try out DIY bug sprays, Himalayan salt diffusers, toilet and bath bombs, lavender and lemon linen sprays, hand-sanitizer, shoe-deodorant and many more.


Food wouldn’t be nearly as pleasurable if it weren’t for the smell and aroma. We actually pick foods that cater to our sense of smell and then stay for the aroma. Using essential oils for culinary purposes thus comes as no surprise. Experiment with essential oils like you would with flavours and spices.

Add lavender to your lemonade, chocolate truffles, almond and honey muffins, lemon thumbprint cookies, or put thyme and lemon oil to chicken, pork, beef or lamb for fine savory recipes. Look for more delicate and delicious recipes here.

Important Quality Considerations

The quality of the oils can vary depending on the plant’s growing conditions, distillation, manufacture, distribution and storage. For example, pesticides and other chemicals can impact the plants, either reducing their healthy properties or even making them toxic. Some products, due to high market demands, are either diluted or adulterated during the processing and are thus not suitable for clinical use. Also, exposure to heat, light, and oxygen can reduce or spoil the quality of the oil.

What you can do is look for organic, certified, 100% pure oils, stored in dark glass bottles and cold and dry places. It should contain all of this information on the bottle, along with the Latin name of the plant so you know you’re getting the right oil and the country of origin – which is important for aromatherapists.

Pick the Right Fragrance

Exploring various aspects of essential oils is not only enjoyable, but healthy as well

Pick the Right Fragrance

Not every scent evokes the same associations and has the same effect. Here are some of the most common uses of scents:

Lemon – apart from having powerful antimicrobial properties, lemon and other citruses have a stimulating and mood-boosting power.

Lavender – it is relaxing and soothing, good for reducing stress and anxiety, also great for inducing sleep.

Peppermint – has both a cooling effect but also, unlike lavender, increases focus, which makes it a good companion while studying or driving.

To fully explore the subtle machinations of scents, look into Bach’s flower essences. Exploring the various aspects of these oils is not only enjoyable and healthy, but also a good way to be closer to yourself and become in tune with your senses and feelings.


5 Surprising Ways to Clear Up Your Acne

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Up to 50 million Americans suffer from acne, making it the most common skin condition in the country. However, knowing a condition is common doesn’t make dealing with it any easier. Supermarket and pharmacy shelves are stocked with products promising they’re miracle cures, but many of them leave acne sufferers unsatisfied. Don’t spend another dime on another cream or cleanser; try these surprising acne treatments instead!

Apply Green Tea

Green tea isn’t just good for your body; it’s also excellent for your skin. This herbal tea has special antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds. The catechins in green tea fight acne-causing bacteria while its antioxidants reduce inflammation, bacterial growth, and sebum production. A cool cup of green tea makes an excellent face wash. You could also rest with a green tea teabag laid over the affected parts of your skin.

Use Honey

Honey is another tasty ingredient with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Processing can reduce these properties, so look for raw honey without adding ingredients for the greatest results. Simply apply a liberal amount of honey to your acne-affected skin. Leave it to work for 30 minutes on your skin before rinsing it off.

Honey can also be a great ingredient for an acne-fighting mask. Mix half a cup of honey with a cup of plain oatmeal for this delicious acne treatment.

Go On Birth Control

Birth control pills don’t just prevent pregnancy. Since they regulate your hormone levels, they can also be an effective way to clear up acne. Nikki, a combination pill with a slightly extended active cycle, is a great option. It contains drospirenone, a type of progestin that’s been scientifically proven to fight hormone-based acne. However, every woman reacts to hormones differently. While many women get great results, others on Nikki notice little change in their skin.

Eat a Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diets are the hottest craze. Advocates claim eating keto can help you lose weight, reduce your risk of cancer, improve your heart health and brain function, and much more. However, you might not realize eating a high-fat, low-carbohydrate keto diet can also cure your acne.

Since people who eat keto avoid carbohydrates, they typically consume a lot less sugar than the general population. Sugar consumption and acne are closely linked, so it makes sense that cutting down on the sweet stuff can improve your skin. High carbohydrate diets also change the gut’s natural bacteria and spike blood sugar levels, which are two more factors influencing skin condition.

Apply Moisturizer Liberally

Many people with acne avoid moisturizing creams, believing these topical treatments will add more pimple-causing oil to their skin. However, dry skin tends to produce more oil. All that extra oil provides the perfect breeding ground for acne. By adding moisturizer to your skin, you can actually balance your skin and reduce your acne. Water-based moisturizers are the best option for acne-prone skin.

These acne treatments might be unconventional, but they can be surprisingly effective! Give them a try and say goodbye to your acne and hello to a brand-new you.


How to Tighten Your Vagina With the Seductiva Gel

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Hundreds and thousands of women come to a point in their life when sex becomes so boring that many of them stop doing it out rightly. Do you know why this happens? One of the major reasons why sex suddenly stops feeling good is due to lack of lubrication in the vagina and the fact that the walls of the vagina may loosen up as you age in your life.

How Do Vaginas Become Loose?

But aging isn’t the only reason your vagina may get saggy and stop producing pleasure. Sometimes hormonal changes in the body are also a major part in making your vagina loosen. Childbirth is another natural process that puts pressure on the muscles that make up most of the vagina as a result you may start having a weaker cervix. Whatever the case is, loose vagina means that you can longer have good sex. But you don’t have to worry because a loose vagina is a very common problem that even young women who are going through menopause experience from time to time.

The biggest mistake women make as soon as they realize that they have a loose vagina is going through vaginal rejuvenation treatment which is essentially a fancy name for a very dangerous and costly surgery that puts you through a procedure that has knives and needles as a main part of it.

The Solution:  Seductiva Tightening Gel

If you don’t like the sound of it, we would recommend using Seductiva Vaginal tightening gel. In simple words, it’s a skin care product that has revolutionized the way women can tighten their vagina even if they are very aged. The ingredients inside the vaginal tightening gel are very effective in treating this problem.

The SkinPro vaginal tightening gel is a wonderful product for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons why so many women are now using it is because of the fact that it is so easily acquirable that you don’t even have to go through a doctor to get one. Simply visit any of your pharmacy or shop for the gel on the internet.

The Seductiva vaginal tightening gel is so popular that nearly every second woman is now using it. It helps even the young women further tighten their vagina to get even better sex. Since it rejuvenates the vaginal walls, you not only experience better sex, but your vagina also remains quite moisturized for easy and pain free sex.

I’ve been a big fan of SkinPro and their cutting edge products.  They also make a neck tightening serum, Elite Eye Serum, and many more products under various brand names.

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Medical Grade Skin Care Neck Tightening Serum

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Many women, and an ample amount of men in the U.S spend thousands of dollars on skin care products. They buy products for their skin which usually cover the facial area but forget to care for their neck and décolleté area. Over time, the neck and décolleté area can easily show signs of aging which can result in visible wrinkles and saggy skin.

If you are someone who has started showing signs of aging on the neck area, chances are that you are struggling with getting your neck back to the way it used to look like. Since the neck area is very delicate compared to facial skin, the neck can be hard to treat.

Enter the Neck Tightening Serum by Medical Grade Skin Care

Thanks to the guys at SkinPro, most famous for making the top selling Elite Serum (review  here) has made the ultimate solution that can help tighten your neck and take it back to the glory days. The company recently released their newest Medical grade skin care neck tightening serum which is super effective in treating saggy neck skin.

The Medical grade skin care neck tightening serum by SkinPro is the perfect solution to just about any degree of loose neck problems. One look at the product will give you an idea on how much effort has been put in creating the product. Since there are so many products out there that make false promises, it is important to find products that actually work and the SkinPro neck tightening serum is just the thing you need right now.

The Medical grade skin care neck tightening serum is made inside a lab, so you can be sure that you are dealing with a 100% genuine product. Unlike other products that are made inside basements of houses, this is made under supervision from expert pharmacists and inside a facility that is equipped with state of the art machinery.

By using SkinPro’s Medical grade skin care neck tightening serum, you’ll not only tighten your loose skin on the neck, but it will also help in making it healthier than before because once the serum is applied regularly, it promotes better skin elasticity, boosts the production of collagen and regenerates skin cells faster.

The serum is made with top ingredients that are meant to produce results. It has industry standard retinol and peptides that are incredible ingredients when used on skin. The product is perfect for neck tightening and comes with money back guarantee.

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