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Losing Weight With MyFitnessPal

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The biggest nutrition database in the world is supposedly free: that's MyFitnessPal Consumers globally use the calorie counter featuring calories for 5 million-plus foods to monitor eating and lose weight But there is more to MyFitnessPal: find out exactly what this program has going for it and why people are excited about it Value of Food Journaling It's easy to round up your calories or forget items you ate and accidentally miscount When you don't write anything down, drinks don't


Smoker’s Cough

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If you are a smoker or know a heavy smoker, you have probably often wondered why smokers cough so much There is a physical and scientific reason behind all of the coughing that smokers do, and we will do our best to explain it to you below so that you can have a better understanding of this phenomenon Understand that a smoker’s cough will go away as soon as you finally quit It is only going to stay with you a short while longer as your body clears out all of the excess phlegm and gunk


Tips For Maintaining Good Health

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The best approach to good health is a holistic one; the kind of health handling in which an individual addresses his or her emotional and physical needs Considering one's spiritual life is also important: there has to be something that connects a person to the rest of the world and gives him a reason to bother with what can seem like a lot of effort in times of extreme trial and stress Here are some tips to promote good health throughout life Spend Time with People The desire to curl up