Substance Abuse

Everything You Need to Know About Addictive Painkillers

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The Substance Abuse and Medical Health Services Administration reports that over 43 million people used painkillers for nonmedical uses in 2014 Were you or someone you know one of them The opioid epidemic is regularly in the news and it is no wonder why 130 people die every day by overdosing on opioids, according to the Center for Disease Control All opioids, natural or synthetic, are made or derived from opium All opioids release endorphins in people's brains which causes a sense of


Difficulties With Teenage Rehabilitation From Substance Abuse

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Parents may find out about their children’s problems in different ways It can be discovering stuff connected with alcohol or drugs, an accidental overhearing of someone’s comment that suggests use or catching them being drunk or high No matter how the truth is revealed, the reaction is always the same – shock Parents found themselves in an incomprehensible situation They usually confiscate the finding, confront the child, or do both They have many questions, like “Is he/she really

What are the Side Effects of Quitting Caffeine?

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You may have read about my latest experiment in going vegan  As loyal readers know, I put everything on the line when i "hack my health" as I like to call it  Today, I'm writing about another experiment, and that's my attempt at cutting caffeine out of my diet Ever since I was young, I had caffeine in my life  My parents were good at saving money, and there was never a shortage of assorted flavors of Shasta in our basement refrigerator  I wasn't over-consuming it, but let's just say