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Here’s Why Smokers Are Vaping Instead

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We all know that smoking is bad for your health It can cause lung cancer, throat cancer, and COPD, and it's been linked with many other health problems Unfortunately, smoking cigarettes is also highly addictive, and it's very common for people to have difficulties quitting If you're a smoker and are looking for a less hazardous alternative, you might look to vaping Lots of former cigarette smokers are doing it because it's a good alternative for people who can't quite kick the habit yet In


5 Amazing Vaping Benefits They Don’t Want You To Know

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This is a guest contribution from someone who got in touch with us at HealthTransformation who has vaped for a number of years, and credits it with dramatically improving their life, and they wish to remain anonymous They mentioned to us how, in the public eye, vaping is shed in negative light a lot of the time, and that, how it was pointed out in this article on Vice, that most studies are looking into the negative side effects of vaping, as opposed to the benefits They also wanted us to