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The Dangers Of Dehydration

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The complications of dehydration can range from discomfort to serious medical conditions, and, in the most severe cases, death For the sake of your health, take steps to avoid dehydration, and deal with it immediately if it does occur What Is Dehydration Dehydration occurs when your body's output of fluid is greater than the amount of fluid you consume When you lose fluid, you also lose essential electrolytes Excessive urination, excessive perspiration, diarrhea, and vomiting can cause


How To Improve And Maintain Heart Health

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A healthy heart can lengthen your lifespan and improve your overall quality of life Heart health should be one of your top priorities Avoid Tobacco Every type of tobacco can be harmful to your heart The chemicals can damage your blood vessels and your heart While there is no form of tobacco use that is safe for your heart, smoking is the most dangerous Your blood's oxygen is partially replaced by carbon monoxide Exercise Every Day 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day can keep

Benefits Of Adding Fresh Lemon Juice To Your Water

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When you want a refreshing drink, add lemon juice to your water It can provide a number of health benefits Lemon Juice Has Nutrients Important nutrients you will have include Vitamin C and potassium Vitamin C boosts the immune system, and helps you resist the common cold Potassium is useful for heart health, nerve function, and brain health There are many other nutrients in lemons that benefit your health, too Healthier Digestion Lemon juice can relieve indigestion, and remove

Health Benefits Of Drinking Enough Water Every Day

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Most people have been told since childhood to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day Unless your personal physician has made a different recommendation due to a medical issue, there are reasons to follow this advice Drink Water To Avoid Dehydration Dehydration is more than bothersome When your body becomes dehydrated, it can be dangerous Even minor dehydration can be hazardous to your health You may experience headaches, migraines, mood swings, and fatigue if you do not drink enough


Does Active Sweating Cleanse The Body Better Than Stationary Sweating?

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Sweating is the most natural way to cleanse your body As there are different types of sweating, you may be wondering which example will provide the best results How Sweating Cleanses Your Body When you sweat, a variety of toxins and other substances leave your body through your pores It also improves your blood circulation and increases your metabolism Sweating through open pores improves the condition of your skin, too What Is Active Sweating Active sweating occurs when you


Is It Possible To Improve Your Vision Naturally?

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Good eyesight is essential for a quality life There are natural ways to improve your vision, and increase your chance of lifelong eye health Your Diet And Your Eyes There are some nutrients that are especially useful for your eyes Some vitamins help your eyesight Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin A Citrus fruits are good sources of Vitamin C Nuts, nut oils, avocados, and olives contain Vitamin E You can reduce your risk of macular degeneration by including dark green