The More Alkaline The Better? Is A PH Of 9.5 Healthier Than 7.5 In Drinking Water?

When health experts advise people to drink alkaline water, they often advise water with a high pH level. While alkaline water provides health benefits, high pH water has extra benefits.

High pH For Working Out

Alkaline water with a high pH level is an excellent drink before working out. Your performance and endurance can be increased when your body is alkalized.

 For the healthiest workout drink, add a bit of salt, fresh citrus juice, or natural honey to your alkaline water. 

The salt or citrus will add electrolytes, and the honey will provide natural energy, while the water helps you stay hydrated.

High pH For Your Coffee

Coffee is one of the most acidic beverages you can drink. This does not mean you must give up coffee to stay healthy. You can neutralize the acid in your coffee by preparing it with high pH water. As the pH level of water is lowered when it is boiled, high pH level water will result in healthier, tastier coffee.

High pH For Fruits And Vegetables

If the produce you buy is not organic, there can be chemical residue from fungicides and pesticides. This can be especially harmful if the fruit or vegetable does not need to be peeled before you eat it. You can easily neutralize these acidic compounds by washing your fruits and vegetables in high pH alkaline water.

High pH And Your Diet

If your diet consists of junk food, processed foods, sugar, and too much red meat, high pH alkaline water can be a start to a healthier body. Water with a high pH level can neutralize the acid from these products.

However, this is not an excuse to continue an unhealthy diet. You should still try to give up unhealthy foods, and develop a balanced diet.

Alkaline Water And Balance

While high pH alkaline water is good for you, you should not overdo it. Too much alkaline water can interfere with digestion, and may also cause other serious health problems.

The wisest approach is to choose alkaline water with a high pH level, but do not drink large quantities of it. If you apply common sense, you can be refreshed and healthy.

Too much of any product can be harmful. You can enjoy a wide range of health benefits when you choose alkaline water with a high pH level, if you are sensible with the amount that you drink.

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