Little known giant health care issues facing the United States

Did you know that the health care system in the United States is literally killing more than 500 patients on a daily basis due to accidents, errors and infections in health institutions alone with mortality rates rising every day from procedures that are dangerous to perform and unnecessary. But this is just one of the little known health care issue that the United States is facing. If you dig deeper, there are plenty more little known giant health care issues facing the United States in 2018.

One of the first little known giant health care issue is too much unnecessary care. United States is spending a lot on health care costs that isn’t needed. It results in billions of lost dollars and not to mention lost productivity for healthcare professionals that are kept busy unnecessarily throughout the year.

Another little known health care issue is the fact that people suffer harm by staying in hospitals. It is hard to believe but it is true. New statistics suggest that there is at least one in four patient in hospitals that come to harm during their stay due to respiratory problems and other issues faced by the hospital. The health care industry isn’t actually doing anything to improve the situation and the statistics have become staggering over the past few years.

If that isn’t enough, America is already wasting billions of dollars on harmful early elective deliveries. A report suggests that nearly $1 billion in amount is wasted due to this little known giant health care issue that no one talks about.

While there are several other such similar issues that the health care industry so effectively hides from the local public, some of them are so obvious that even common people can figure them out on their own. These issues are limited to big pharmaceutical companies that are driving the prices of their medicines to new heights making more money by spreading false benefits of their medicine. To do this, they are even bribing doctors to only prescribe their medicine when needed.

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