How EHR Software is Changing in 2020

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In the past, doctors and employees used to have to run down to the basement to sift through massive cabinets of patient records in order to find the documents they wanted Fortunately, this is now an issue of the past The advent of EHR software has changed the way patient records are created, stored, and accessed As the calendar turns to a new decade, there are a few important trends for 2020 that everyone should note The first trend that is going to be important in 2020 is an improvement


Joel Arun Sursas Discusses How Bioprinting Human Organs Changes the World We Live In

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According to the American Transplant Foundation, the national transplant waiting list encompasses over 100,000 hopeful souls Remarkably, the total number of organ donors in the United States is just under 18,000 The staggering difference between the supply and demand helps account for the troublesome estimation that every day 20 people die due to the lack of organs for transplantation Joel ArunSursas, a Medical Doctorwith a track record of harmonizing patient care with engineering, believes the