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Hi, I’m Greg, the founder of HealthTransformation.net. I’m not a certified personal trainer, a guru, or some guy who just works out all day.  I’m a Father first and Entrepreneur second who happens to be very passionate about my personal transformation.

I created this website to help people transform their body.  If I can do it, you can do it.

Just one of my many before and after pics.

Over time, I’ve really put a lot of effort into this site.  I started it to track my own transformation (read about that here) but since then it’s become so much more than just an accountability blog for me.  This site has become a resource for health, nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness.

2017 Update:  I’m happy that two of my long time business partners joined me in tracking their health habits for all to see.  I’m happy to announce that Martin and Tim are both helping me with this site.  Both of them have extensive online marketing background’s and recently got into great shape, making them a perfect fit for HealthTransformation!

Meet Our Editorial Staff

Get to Know Jana, Todd, & Jackie

Jana Jana Evans is currently works in Human Resources and is a very proud  mother of two.   While she is quite coy about admitting it and deflects all attention surrounding it, she’s an amateur chef and has taught the rest of us the art of juicing organic fruits and vegetables.  It’s really changed the way we consume nutrients and over time she’ll share her favorite recipes.

ToddTodd Stohrdahl is a sales agent at the same company that Jana works at, and when he’s not busy trying to make the company revenues, he’s an absolute fanatic of professional sports.  Living in Tampa, there hasn’t been much to cheer about lately, but that doesn’t stop him from being very involved with his teams.  Todd is also a “gym rat,” and rarely misses a workout.  He’s a very refined, energetic individual whose recent claim to fame is running a six minute mile and getting his body fat down to about where it was in college.

Always making people laugh, his reviews often tend to have a humorous approach to them.

Jackie Garcia used to work with Jana and Todd at the same company but left about a year ago to pursue her own business.  This website was her idea and it’s the glue that keeps us all in touch and meeting up frequently to keep up with our goals in life, health, and fitness.

When Jackie isn’t updating the world about her experiences with nutrition and fitness, she likes to travel to exotic islands, enjoy time on a boat, and work on her sun tan.


We all consider ourselves “life hackers” and this website shares our latest tips on reaching optimal health.  Whether it’s a new cutting edge diet supplement, or just some workout trick that can shed a little more fat and keep the heart rate up, we’re always looking for ways to become better people.  We also like do get fast, obtainable results, and while everyone has a different genetic build, we thought it was useful to provide our backgrounds so you can hopefully see a little bit of yourself in one of us and know that with dedication, determination, and desire – anything is possible.

Please enjoy our website and contact us with any questions.  We do love (and value) your feedback so please don’t be shy.

PS.  We are always looking for mind-blowing content that will help our website get more views.  If you have a hot take on a topic related to health, please reach out to us.

PSS.  Sometimes we come across an industry guru who can explain a topic better than we can.  So please don’t be alarmed if you see a special author on some of our content.

About Our Website
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