Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water

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Alkaline water is not a fad Many doctors and health experts recommend it for its health benefits When you are familiar with its benefits, you will want to choose it over plain tap water or standard bottled water Alkaline Water For A Healthy Heart Alkaline water has a number of benefits that can keep your heart healthy When you drink it regularly, it can reduce your cholesterol levels and your blood pressure You can have a lower risk of heart disease Alkaline Water For Healthy

Joe Rogan Shines A Light On Promising Stem Cell Therapy

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Earlier this year, Joe Rogan had a podcast with Mel Gibson and Dr Neil Riordan, where they talked about a type of stem cell therapy that was done in Panama to Mel Gibson's 92 year old dad, and as Mel reports, his father had quite miraculous results from this Apparently, this particular form of stem cell treatment is not allowed to be performed in the United States, and is allowed just in a few countries, for limited treatments I had heard of this from a few different people recently and

Can Music Heal?

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If there is one thing that will tie people together it would be their love for music And this is a very important subject to me as you probably already know if you've been reading some of my other posts You may have noted my passion and excitement over the Wholetones product (you can read my review here) It seems like no matter the country or culture, music seems to play a huge role in the lives of those living there The way music affects each of us is typically the same We tend to love the

Introducing Kathy, our Newest Contributor

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Hi everyone, My name is Kathy, and I was both delighted and honored to be invited by Greg to join the HealthTransformationnet family as a contributor and author In addition to creating articles that will cover some of things I'm most passionate about in life (healthy cooking, spirituality, and wellness product reviews since I'm a "review fanatic"), there is another thing that (after a lot of encouragement and support from both Greg and Martin) I'll be posting: my personal journey back to

Web resources for medical professionals

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The internet is the number one place to find information on just about anything While the common people make good use of information to conduct research and find new information on things, as a medical professional, you may think the internet may not provide you with what you are looking for Contrary to popular belief, internet is filled with a lot of technical and scholarly information that is found in books So instead of going to a library to read a book to get the information you need,

Ways to boost your energy without caffeine

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Do you often find yourself getting tired during work or in middle of the day If you suffer from fatigue, the first thing that comes to mind to bring your energy back to its higher level is to indulge yourself in a cup of coffee But you can’t always depend on boosting your energy by drinking cup of coffee over and over again There are plenty of other healthier and convenient ways to boost your energy You’ll find some of the top ways to boost your energy without caffeine down below Use