Introducing Kathy, our Newest Contributor

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Hi everyone, My name is Kathy, and I was both delighted and honored to be invited by Greg to join the HealthTransformationnet family as a contributor and author In addition to creating articles that will cover some of things I'm most passionate about in life (healthy cooking, spirituality, and wellness product reviews since I'm a "review fanatic"), there is another thing that (after a lot of encouragement and support from both Greg and Martin) I'll be posting: my personal journey back to

Web resources for medical professionals

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The internet is the number one place to find information on just about anything While the common people make good use of information to conduct research and find new information on things, as a medical professional, you may think the internet may not provide you with what you are looking for Contrary to popular belief, internet is filled with a lot of technical and scholarly information that is found in books So instead of going to a library to read a book to get the information you need,

Ways to boost your energy without caffeine

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Do you often find yourself getting tired during work or in middle of the day If you suffer from fatigue, the first thing that comes to mind to bring your energy back to its higher level is to indulge yourself in a cup of coffee But you can’t always depend on boosting your energy by drinking cup of coffee over and over again There are plenty of other healthier and convenient ways to boost your energy You’ll find some of the top ways to boost your energy without caffeine down below Use

Top nursing blogs

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Do you want to up your nursing game One of the best ways to become better at your profession is to follow blogs by experts on the internet Top nursing blogs on the internet will help you stay on top of the current trends and will help you find out all the issues that plague this industry with their solutions Unlike reading normal news articles from various online websites, nursing blogs will give you the real scoop on what’s happening in the nursing world from around the world We have

Top health and wellness blogs

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The internet is the best place to find health and wellness advice Whether you are looking to lose weight or pack a bit of muscle, the first thing any of us do is open the internet and start looking for advice on it But can you really trust all the blogs out there Are these blogs actually managed by professional health and wellness personalities or are they being run by tech savvy people who just want to make money from advertisement If you are unsure which blog to read for health and

Tips and resources to help you sleep better

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Sleeping less is one of the biggest threats to your health and wellbeing A lot of people suffer from sleep deprivation that not only ruins their day to day life, but also wrecks their relationship with their friends, family and intimate partners Sleeping well is extremely important if you want to succeed in life and have a healthy body that functions properly But a lot of people have trouble sleeping at night This is due to many little bad habits they develop over time These habits can