Joe Rogan Shines A Light On Promising Stem Cell Therapy

Earlier this year, Joe Rogan had a podcast with Mel Gibson and Dr. Neil Riordan, where they talked about a type of stem cell therapy that was done in Panama to Mel Gibson’s 92 year old dad, and as Mel reports, his father had quite miraculous results from this.

Apparently, this particular form of stem cell treatment is not allowed to be performed in the United States, and is allowed just in a few countries, for limited treatments.

I had heard of this from a few different people recently and finally got around to listening to the podcast, after one of the members at my gym just said he got a stem cell injection, and linked to the video as an answer to a question I had.

Mel Gibson’s Father’s Results

The results that Mel listed off were quite amazing. In his words:

He’s almost 100 years old, and from pretty bad shape, now it’s like he’s had like a new lease on life.

  • His hip pain went away and he’s walking again.
  • His kidneys were good
  • His heart healed a prolapsed valve
  • His cognitive powers improved
  • His eyesight improved
  • And other stuff improved that he would hate me to talk about

As a little background, apparently, he had taken his 92 year old father in to get checked out for some issues, and he had almost too many to list, and the doctors basically said he is in poor shape, and needs procedures done ASAP. Mel was opposed to the idea of his father having a hip replacement at that age.

Along with that, Mel also had a few stem cell treatments, and he said it really helped his shoulder that was giving him lots of trouble.

According to Dr. Riordan, the most effective type of stem cell is called Mesenchymal stem cells, and is extracted from umbilical cords. There are other forms that are being used in the United States, such as ones extracted from bone marrow, which he says can be effective, but the Mesenchymal ones are the most effective in his experience.

They weren’t sure if or when this may be approved for use in the United States.

Here is the full podcast:


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