Dangers Of Obesity: How Obesity Can Harm Your Health

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There are many serious health issues that can be caused by obesity Your weight can directly affect your health Obesity And Diabetes When you are significantly overweight, you have a much higher risk of developing diabetes Obesity increases your risk of insulin resistance It is more difficult for your body to control your blood sugar levels Obesity And Cardiovascular Health Obesity increases your risk of heart disease, weakened heart muscle, and heart attacks It can contribute to

Basal Metabolic Rate: What It Is, And Why It Is Important

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You may have heard of basal metabolic rate, and wonder what it is and how it applies to you While it is important for a number of reasons, your main concern may be how it is relevant to your weight loss goals What Is A Basal Metabolic Rate Your body needs a certain amount of energy to function properly Even when you are not engaged in activity, cells need to repair and grow, blood must circulate, and you must breathe The energy your body needs for these processes comes from a combination


The 4 Best Hip Flexor Stretches

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If you don't know how important your hip flexors are, you are seriously behind the eight ball  There isn't a muscle group in your body that is more important as you age than your hip flexors A quick look at the news this week reveals how many athletes are hit with an issue involving their hip flexors  Here is a quick glance at some news that hit the presses today showcasing athletes with hip flexor problems Why do Our Hips Become Tight Think about what you do all day  Most likely, you

Your Anti-Aging Laser Treatment Options

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No matter how hard we try to fight it, our skin ages as we get older Every birthday, there are more wrinkles and sags on our face to remind us that we are no longer youthful Even if we maintain a good skin care regimen, there comes a point when we need help While there are plenty of anti-aging gimmicks on the market, you would be wiser to invest in a professional treatment to get the results you want If so, there are several laser treatments available Mild Treatment Options Take a really

Qualifying Conditions For Medical Marijuana Usage

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Medical marijuana has become a favored form of treatment because it is effective and does not produce the side effects associated with pharmaceutical products As the qualifying conditions vary from state to state, you should check your state laws or ask your physician if the condition you have is on the list However, medical marijuana can be useful for many common conditions Cancer There can be a number of benefits to using medical marijuana for cancer First, some studies show it can


How You Can Benefit From Collagen Protein Supplements

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People are sometimes suspicious when they hear about a health product They may think it is a gimmick with no real benefits and possible side effects A collagen protein supplement is an all-natural product with many benefits What Is Collagen Collagen is protein that is found throughout your body Virtually every part of your body contains collagen If you have reached your early to mid-twenties, there is less collagen in your body than when you were a teenager The collagen that was in your