Fact And Fiction About GMO

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Much of the positive literature you read about products created via genetic modification is written by partisan bodies They are employed by companies who profit from these experiments, so how can a person learn the facts about GMO The truth is that genetic modification of the foods we eat is such a new science that few consequences have yet to surface No one knows for sure what the direct results will be What the world already knows after this short time, however, is alarming


Telomeres and Aging

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Genes are found inside the nucleus of cells in the human body inside tightly bound strands of DNA Telomeres are also essentially some form of DNA and they are found at the end of a chromosome to be exact The main function of telomeres has been traced to the protection of vital genetic data This data is believed to include information about genes which indicate how long we will live and how vulnerable we are to certain diseases and infections Telomeres enable certain cells to reproduce