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Martin is an online entrepreneur with a passion for cars, inspired topics like success and the law of attraction and he's gotten back into fitness, and is in the best shape of his life, even when he played hockey and soccer year round.

He's also a trained chef with 20 years experience in different kitchens.

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Biggest YouTube Fitness Channels

By Posted on 1 min read 853 views
I was doing some research as I develop my own fitness channel to see what the biggest YouTube fitness channels are mostly about There are a ton of fitness channels out there, and quite a few with over one million subscribers Here are the biggest channels I found on YouTube that are centered around fitness, and I will add any more I find So hopefully this saves you some time in your research if you are looking for this info for whatever reason, since I couldn't find much on it, mostly

Joe Rogan Shines A Light On Promising Stem Cell Therapy

By Posted on 2 min read 904 views
Earlier this year, Joe Rogan had a podcast with Mel Gibson and Dr Neil Riordan, where they talked about a type of stem cell therapy that was done in Panama to Mel Gibson's 92 year old dad, and as Mel reports, his father had quite miraculous results from this Apparently, this particular form of stem cell treatment is not allowed to be performed in the United States, and is allowed just in a few countries, for limited treatments I had heard of this from a few different people recently and

Athletic Greens First Impressions

By Posted on 3 min read 573 views
Here is a quick video I shot with my first impressions, and the transcript is below if you'd rather read So I just tried out Athletic Greens I've had this for a while and I've been wanting to try it, I really like green drinks The thing that stands out to me is that this is pretty tasty It tastes like a green drink So if you are familiar with that kind of supplement, you know, it's hard to make one of these taste awesome, but to me it does not taste artificial at all, it tastes healthy

Canelo Alzarez Passes a Hair Follicle Drug Test

By Posted on 2 min read 552 views
In a bizarre turn of events which has shaken up the boxing world, Canelo Alvarez, one of the most well known fighters, of Golden Boy Promotions, who has fought the likes of Floyd Mayweather and many other big name fighters, failed two urine tests for clenbuterol He was scheduled to fight a rematch against Gennady Golovkin, AKA GGG on May 5, which is a huge boxing weekend that often hosts the biggest fights of the year Many people have flamed him for this, as he is at the top of the upper

45 Calorie Coffee That Tastes Like It Has Milk and Sugar

By Posted on 1 min read 478 views
One of the staples in my weight loss journey has been how I mix my coffee I typically drink a few cups per day, and that can add up to a lot of calories if you use sugar and whole milk, which is my paste preference' Granted I had used some alternatives to sugar, like honey and maple syrup, which is slightly better, but that is still a LOT of calories through the course of the day, when drinking a few cups of coffee like myself I created a quick video with what I use, posted below What

The Nate Diaz Rule – Now CBD Is OK Anytime!

By Posted on 2 min read 412 views
You may remember at the time of the two big fights Nate Diaz had with Conor Mcgregor in the UFC, as there was plenty of entertaining sports drama, making constant headlines, and both ended up being epic fights Well, after one of them, Nate Diaz was vaping at the post fight press conference, and when asked what he was vaping on, he said CBD Someone called him out and said he was in violation, as you aren't supposed to use marijuana for 4 hours after a fight Well, CBD does not have the

Conor McGregor Sparring Knock Out Happened Over A Year Ago According To Jesse Vargas/Nick Diaz Trainer

By Posted on 1 min read 476 views
There has been endless hype leading up to the Mayweather Mcgregor boxing match coming up August 26th, 2017 Recently a rumor started that Conor was knocked out sparring for the fight with Floyd First people were saying it was Brandon Rios who knocked him out, and then those rumors were squashed by ESNews, who called Brandon Rios, and he denied ever having met McGregor The rumor appears to have started with Jesse Vargas in another video, who was jogging with Brandon Rios, and Jesse made a

How To Watch Mayweather McGregor Press Conference At Staples Center, L.A. Online

By Posted on 1 min read 485 views
Ahead of the Mayweather McGregor fight is their press tour, across the globe in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London, July 11, 12, 13 and 14, 2017 There are many media platforms streaming this event live We will list the ones that we know of When Does it Start The start time listed on the Staples Center site is 1:30 PM PT (4:30 EST) Most sites are listing the start time as 5:00 PM EST Where To Watch Here are some of the options for online streaming live, and there will

18,000 Seats Gone After A Couple Hours For Mayweather McGregor Press Tour, Barclay’s Center, Brooklyn?

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I was just looking up info about the press tour that was just announced for the Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor fight, called the Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour and it said that there were free tickets at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, NY The seating capacity for the Barclay's Center is over 18,000 I figured that's a cool idea, so that there is plenty of tickets for anyone who wants top check out the press conference Not So fast! I just checked TicketMastercom where they

Big Sean Credits Ask And It Is Given With Getting A Record Deal

By Posted on 2 min read 542 views
It was cool to hear that Big Sean is into The Law of Attraction I heard him talking about it in a video about celebrities and The Law of Attraction which I'll add at the bottom of this post In this video, he talks in general about manifesting things in his life, and credits the Law of Attraction to it I was then watching another and he mentioned the book Ask and It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks Then I went into a bit of research mode, and found that he mentions that book quite a