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Kathy is an online entrepreneur who began a personal wellness and fitness journey after realizing that her goals didn't have to remain daydreams. With Greg's (the site's founder) encouragement, she stepped foot into a Crossfit gym, which has proven to be a life-changing decision. She has now decided to publicly track her progress, which readers can see on the YouTube Channel HERE . She also loves cooking, spiritual topics, and wellness product reviews.

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Detailed Microbiome Plus Review

Kathy Tremblay By Posted on 3 min read 0 views

I’e been meaning to do a Microbiome Plus review for a while now since it’s a probiotic that has been getting a lot of great reviews. Microbiome Plus is essentially a supplement intended to control digestive function. Not only does this rich and powerful probiotic regulates your gastrointestinal system and gets it back on track, but it boosts immunity to assist in maintaining better health as well. It is a symbiotic supplement, which means it contains a combination of probiotic and prebiotic.

As a complete dietary supplement, Microbiome Plus has a content of natural prebiotic fiber, with L. Reuteri NCIMB 30242 being the probiotic component. They both work together to preserve healthy gut bacteria. A box of this supplement costs $29.29, has 56 vegan capsules and its serving size is a single capsule a day. Side effects have been reported only by a few customers and mainly include abdominal discomfort and stomach cramps.Microbiome Plus

Colony Forming Units (CFU)

Experts have purported that, to be considered useful, a probiotic supplement must have its CFU between 1 billion and 20 billion CFU. Microbiome Plus contains 3.5 billion CFU, which falls well within the suggested range.


Quantity outweighs quality as it relates to choosing a decent probiotic supplement. The rationale is that the effectiveness of bacterial strains differs from one person to the next. This is because the human gut microbiome is an intricate ecosystem. If an individual does not find a particular bacterial strain to be effective, another one could turn out to be beneficial to him or her.

Only a single probiotic strain, L. Reuteri, is found in Microbiome Plus; however, this bacterial strain is adequate to resolve a number of dietary woes. Below are some of the research findings that have been uncovered about this bacterium:

L. Reuteri assists in breaking down food particles and accelerating nutrient uptake. Additionally, it ensures that fecal waste is smoothly excreted from the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). L. Reuteri supplementation also assists in reducing dyspepsia, gas and bloating.

Research has found that the occurrence of this bacterium in the gut increases levels of folate, which leads to the healthy production of red blood cells. Furthermore, it helps in lowering abdominal cramps and pain. It shortens and eliminates diarrhea episodes in various age groups.

L. Reuteri is effective against conditions like antibiotic induced diarrheal episodes, traveler’s diarrhea and Helicobacter Pylori infections. It promotes general wellness by boosting gut motility, immunity and digestive regularity.

The microbiome carries out vital functions for your body and as such, it is essential that it is balanced and healthy. Bile metabolism is a crucial microbiome function and poor bile metabolism could result in health issues.

Recovering bile metabolism and microbiome health calls for specifically formulated dietary supplements and or serious lifestyle changes. The microbiome is basically the community of essential and natural organisms that assist you in digesting your food, maintaining metabolic health and ensuring proper immune function.

To assist with restoring your microbiome, your diet must be significantly and permanently changed by supplementing with the specifically required bacteria. The L. Reuteri probiotic in Microbiome Plus is designed to assist in boosting and restoring the normal balance of the bile metabolism and microbiome.

A broad range of digestive disorders are treated by Microbiome Plus with just one bacterial strain. It is vegan-friendly, quite economical and does not have allergy-inducing ingredients. Therefore, the majority of customers experiences virtually no unpleasant results or side effects after using it.

It is readily accessible and is one of the most highly-rated probiotic supplements. Additionally, its prebiotic fiber controls dietary function and ensures overall well-being. It is tremendously unique and effective probiotic-prebiotic combination. The L. Reuteri assists with the immune system and digestive health and also increases vitamin D and lowers LDL cholesterol.Microbiome Plus

One Step Forward – Two Steps Back (and Thoughts on Keto)

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Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I posted because I’ve had a couple of setbacks over the last couple of months. But, it’s all good in the long run, because I’m using them as an opportunity to hurl myself over some obstacles. As a result, I’ve been contemplating trying a Ketogenic (Keto) dietary approach for a while – or at least a modified version of Keto to start with.

Here’s the backstory

After over a year or more of feeling plagued by hamstring, tendon and now back issues, and a bunch of other crap that I feel has been slowing me down, I have realized that I need to look more closely at what I consume.

I haven’t even been working out much these last several weeks because, frankly, it just hurts too much. I didn’t injure myself working out (for the most part, although I have been known to overdo things) – but working out hasn’t been helping me feel better.

The bottom line is that I’m thoroughly disgusted with my lack of progress (on the one hand), and my slipping back into bad habits (on the other hand).

Throw in some mechanical failure

In mid-May my computer’s hard drive crashed and burned, and it has taken me weeks to recover my data from the “cloud” backup. Even though I had everything backed up in the cloud, for some reason I completely lost ALL my previously recorded videos that I’ve been filming for the last several months. I probably had about 20 videos in the queue, ready to produce on my Health Transformation YouTube channel.

So, I’ve been depressed about that as well. Back to the drawing board…

UPDATE: I found a couple of vids that I had sent off this computer that were already in MP4 format, so I WILL be able to import and work with them. They’ll be a touch out of sequence since they were filmed a while ago, but I’ll get them produced anyway. So, I only lost about 16 or so.

When I came on board here at Health Transformation, I promised to be transparent, and report not only on my gains, but also my failures. Today is one of those “failure” types of posts.

I have to start over again. But that is just the way it is, and I will not quit. I will simply start over again.

In just over a month, I’m going to turn 59. When I turned 58 last year, I was very encouraged about the direction I was going. Over the winter, I thought I made some great headway.

Transitioning back and forth has its issues

Leaving Florida to return to NH is always difficult for me, and bittersweet. I’m always excited to come north to NH because I’ve got some great friends and family here.

At the same time, I am loathe to leave Florida, because even though I am still new at making friends there, the people at the gym I go to seem to encourage EVERYONE there, even those like me who aren’t anywhere near their level of fitness.

That type of atmosphere just isn’t available to me where I live in NH. I have a  nice local gym that I belong to here; however, there’s rarely anyone there. And there aren’t any group workouts like the ones at CrossFit. Plus, you really ARE on your own at this gym, and there aren’t any coaches there to correct your form.

As a result, I’ve found myself spiraling a little bit downward.

Ugly photo – wake up call

After attending some good friends’ wedding earlier this month I was horrified to catch an image of myself in a random photo someone posted after the wedding. Until I saw that photo, I seriously thought I had made greater strides than the blob of a human that I saw in that photo.

At that moment I realized that my gains over this last year were actually pretty minor, and scarcely visible at all.

Sorry to report that, but it’s true.

So, it’s time for me to take this whole journey to a higher level.

If I’m going to make any real progress, something fairly dramatic has to change.

Dietary changes as a first step

All that said, one of the more important things I can do is to work on making some extreme changes in what I shovel into my mouth on a daily basis.

Looking through the Googleverse about ways to decrease inflammation, increase energy levels, lose fat, etc, one thing keeps popping up: The Ketogenic Diet.

There are a lot of differing opinions on this diet. Some people recommend it, others caution against it.

After I post this article, I’m downloading some general guidelines about the dos and don’ts of the Keto diet, and making a menu and shopping list for the coming week to at least get started on a modified version. We have several foods in the house that we already bought, so we need to consume these. I’ll have to work on incorporating the principles into what I’ve got for starters.

So, that’s my update for right now. Because I promised to be accountable, that’s what I’ve got. Feel free to comment and/or offer suggestions here or on our Facebook Page Here.

Here’s hoping that my next post is far more positive! Back soon!

Initial Neck Hammock Review – Cervical Traction for Personal Use

Kathy Tremblay By Posted on 6 min read 1 views

I just became aware of a cool item called The Neck Hammock, a cervical traction device for use at home (or on the go, since it’s portable). So, naturally I need to start up a Neck Hammock review!

I can’t help it! And maybe it’s just a coincidence. But, it is interesting that just today it came to my attention, because I was wondering about what I could do to help alleviate some issues that have flared up with my neck and upper back this last week.

Years ago – like, back in the late 1960s, early 1970s, I remember my mom using some bizarre looking contraption that hung from the doorway and held her head in some sling-like thing with metal crossbars and pulleys. She swore it made her neck feel better. And all I could think (at the time) was that this was a recipe for trouble – and I remember laughing (of course I did since I was just a kid with no thought about anything but myself).

I don’t laugh anymore!


Sometimes it’s a Pinched Nerve, Sometimes it’s a Muscle…

Throughout the years, I’ve occasionally had bouts of flare-ups in my lower back, upper back (oftentimes the rhomboid muscles), and less frequently, my neck. The burning in my neck and rhomboids can sometimes get quite distracting.

This is one of those weeks. It came on pretty suddenly (as these things tend to do), and on Saturday (6/9/18), I was having difficulty getting in and out of the car, up and down stairs, and turning over in bed.

Because I’ve been steadily working out, and my back muscles are a LOT stronger than they used to be, it’s not been as debilitating as some bouts of pain in the past. Still, I haven’t gone to the gym once this week while I allow this to pass.

Today, Thursday the 14th, my lower back is improving a little, but is still inflamed, and my upper back and neck are quite sore as well.

It’s nothing new as I mentioned. For some reason once in a while this just happens.

BaxMAX helps ease back pain – but what can help my neck?

For my lower back, one of the things that I use often (and in fact have it on now so that I can sit and work) is my BaxMAX lumbar support belt. It helps a lot – it doesn’t “cure” anything, but it gives me support and I’m less likely to strain my back while I’m recovering from a flare-up. (BTW: Buy your BaxMAX at their website,, and use the exclusive code they gave me to SAVE YOU 15%: KTSAVE15 – that’s it! You just use “KTSAVE15” at, and you will instantly get 15% off! 🙂

But, NOTHING has seemed to help my upper back and neck (other than massage, and unfortunately I don’t have a personal massage therapist on call at the moment).

When I was still down in Florida a couple of months ago, Hoang Le (the massage therapist whom you’ve perhaps heard me talk about – especially when he guided my cabbage soup detox this spring) did quite a bit of work on my back and neck.

One thing he did was put me into a type of neck traction thing.

I wish I had a picture of it, but I wan’t able to take any selfies when I was laying there on the table!

Anyway, it felt good (once I got over the strange sensation of having my head “pulled”).

So that brings me to this morning, when I began to think about my mom and her “neck contraption” as I called it then. I was wishing I had something like that since I can’t get back to Florida right now for a session with Hoang’s contraptions!

THAT’S When I Learned About The Neck Hammock!

Seriously, it was almost the exact moment when I was thinking about it, that the Neck Hammock cervical traction device was put in front of me. Well, not literally PUT in front of me.

Martin saw it, and immediately sent me an email to have a look at this thing. Wow! As soon as I saw it, I had to look into it!

And he didn’t even know I was struggling this week with neck pain!

That’s why I got so excited and felt the need to start up a series of Neck Hammock review posts, to follow along! I’ll definitely get some video going too.

I’m buying it. Like, right now after I post this initial article. Because it looks like just what I need for some neck relief. After all, I can’t ask John to stay home and hold my neck for 10 or 15 minutes. LOL!

Before you think I just go out and buy the next best piece of sliced bread, I did spend a couple of hours researching it, including looking for some Neck Hammock reviews. There are a few at the official Neck Hammock Amazon page here (I also instantly signed up to promote it because I love the look of this thing so much!).

And CrossFit Athlete Jackie Perez Loves The Neck Hammock!

So, you already know I love CrossFit. When I went to the site, and saw an endorsement by Jackie Perez, who is an amazingly super fit CrossFit athlete, I nearly bought the thing then and there. But, I waited until I did more research. 🙂

By the way, I’m buying it with my own funds, without any special consideration from the company. So, it’s not like anyone is tempting me to do any special type of review. This is the type of thing that is way too important to me!The miracle of cervical traction comes to your home

Neck Hammock Reviews on Amazon

To be fair, there are some negative reviews at Amazon (here) – as of this writing, about 11% 1-star – but about 66% 5-star, and 12% 4-star. I looked at the 1-stars (as most of you would likely also do), and it seems like one person felt it had some design flaws, and another couple of folks said it didn’t help their neck pain.

I read through the 3-star reviews (there were 3 of them). One person thought it was difficult to set up, and didn’t seem to offer any real comfort. Another said the instructions were hard to follow, but she had only used it once. The third said she has tried it for 5 days, and doesn’t seem to have relief. She is waiting another week (no updated review as of this writing).

NOTE: The vast majority of Neck Hammock reviews (verified purchases), both 4- and 5-star, include more in-depth feedback, which is what I’m looking for.

What probably sold me most of all was a 4-star review from an avid Crossfitter! She mentioned something that I think is worth repeating: Beware of knock-offs!

In fact, there was one chiropractor who had given a review that would APPEAR to be for the Neck Hammock, but he retracted some of what he said because it turned out he purchased a cheap knock-off. He did admit to that, and promised to give a more true review later. Hopefully he does that.

There were some excellent, and well-thought-out 5-star reviews that were very helpful.

Again, to see the VERIFIED reviews at Amazon, you can simply click here.

Neck Hammock Price (and Discount Codes)

It’s time to talk about the Neck Hammock price…  The device itself appears to be about $49.

I am unsure whether or not there are any codes that would work with the Amazon listing. Sometimes when I shop at Amazon, I see little “coupons” in the listing itself – so whether or not the folks at Neck Hammock do this on occasion is something I don’t know. In my experience, merchant coupons don’t always work when purchasing off Amazon.

As an aside, I made an initial video a while back for one of my YouTube channels, and if you watch it you can see the entire ordering process, including where to put the Neck Hammock coupon code if there are any available for their actual site.

Athletic Greens Ingredients: Putting the SUPER in Superfood

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Both Martin and I have offered up individual Athletic Greens reviews here on the site, and today I want to expand on this, and cover some of the individual Athletic Greens INGREDIENTS. I’ll give you the short version first: They are superb. Plain and simple. This is truly one of the absolute best super green drinks either of us have ever used. Ever.

The backstory on why quality ingredients are so important:

We live in a fast paced world that leaves little time for grocery shopping and cooking healthy meals. Even if a person is able to eat a healthy diet it is quite likely that their meals are going to lack the necessary nutrients to supply their body with proper nutrition.

There are bodies of evidence suggesting that the soil that our food is grown in lacks the nutrients it once had due to the overuse of chemicals and modern farming practices. (Source:

Unfortunately, this means that a lot of our foods seriously lack vital nutrients. As a result, our bodies struggle to keep up with the toll we put on them.

It’s obvious that without proper nutrition the average person may experience fatigue and possibly a major strain on their overall health. A lot of people rely on supplements; some even take a handful of pills daily just to compensate for a lack of nutrients. Hey, been there and done that myself (and still do to a certain extent!).

Super Green Drinks to the Rescue

Thankfully, as we’ve all discovered and talked about here at, there is an alternative to swallowing a bunch of pills that are often large enough to make them a choking hazard. Just one serving of any number of green superfoods drink formulas can boost any diet. We have tried and used a lot of different blends between all of us here at the site.

Now, while we are not implying that supplements are not healthy or practical, we have found that the nutrients found in the Athletic Greens formula seems to have just about everything the body needs to feel energized and to help maintain our health.

As mentioned, there are numerous different types of green health drinks on the market, so it is vital to find one that is high quality as well as digestible. A lot of these drinks are loaded with chemicals and other ingredients that aren’t optimal (my opinion).

No Fillers or Artificial ANYTHING in Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens Review and IngredientsThe fact that Athletic Greens contains no chemicals, artificial flavors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or sugar makes it an excellent way to get a daily dose of everything needed to flourish.

As a matter of fact, you won’t find anything harmful in this drink. It is perfect because it lacks GMO’s, pesticides, dairy, wheat, corn, herbicides, sucrose, egg, yeast, lactose, peanuts and animal products.

In other words, there is nothing to cause harm or an allergic reaction to be found in this drink. It is a natural mega-nutrient whole food formula that delivers more benefits than the competitive brands.

This drink contains 75 high quality ingredients!

Seriously – we looked very carefully at this!*

One thing that makes Athletic Greens a preferred daily drink is that it provides the antioxidant equivalent of 12 servings of vegetables. Additionally, it improves alkalinity, while supporting the immune system and digestive health. Each ingredient is carefully selected and actually trains the body to better absorb and synthesize the nutrients it provides.

When we first heard about this drink we were astonished by its perfect blend of ingredients. It only takes one look at the ingredient list to determine that this product is definitely a cut above other green drink products.

The ingredients include alkaline nutrient dense raw superfoods and nutrient dense natural extracts of herbs and antioxidants, dairy free probiotics, as well as digestive enzymes and a super mushroom complex. It contains essential vitamins and minerals which makes it the perfect for the dietary needs of most people.

Organic – Alkaline – Raw: Here’s the List

Athletic Greens IngredientsThis is a list of a few of the organic alkaline raw superfoods found in this drink and some of their benefits:

•Spirulina- protein packed source of antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients

•Apple powder-supports immune system and maintains the function and health of bowels

•Wheatgrass juice powder- contains every mineral, vitamins, and protein building amino acids

•Alfalfa powder-healthy skin, hair, nails, aids in blood clotting and detoxification

•Chlorella powder- hormonal function, cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

•Barley leaf- fights free radicals, cleanses liver and eliminates the buildup of toxins

•Broccoli- lowers cholesterol, assist with detox, benefits digestion and balances insulin

•Carica papaya- digestive aid, detox support, supports wound healing, reduces inflammation and purifies blood

•Red beet root-maintains blood pressure, boosts muscle function and stamina

•Rosehip- improves skin, reduces scarring

Here are a few of the nutrient dense extract ingredients and their benefits:

•Alkaline pea protein isolate- aids in establishing PH balance

•Citrus bioflavonoids extract- strengthens blood capillaries, neutralizes free radicals

•Globe artichoke leaf extract- lowers cholesterol, supports the liver, stomach and intestines

•Citric acid- reduces acidity, antioxidant protection, supports heart health

•Rhodiola Rosea root dry extract- energy booster, immune system support, helps relieve depression and improves cognitive functions

•Eleutherococcus Senticosus root extract- prevents fatigue, aids in coping with stress and boosts immune system

•Gotu kola extract- improves cognitive function, treats circulation issues, reduces varicose veins and blood clots in legs

Wow! Isn’t it amazing that you can gain all of these benefits for less than a cup of designer coffee? Remember that these benefits are for just a few of the ingredients; there is a total of 75 beneficial ingredients in this drink.

After learning about Athletic Greens, we realized that there are millions of people who desperately need each of the benefits found in this healthy drink formula. That’s why we want to help others learn about this product. If you are searching for a way to boost energy and complete any gaps in your diet, let this drink help! Give your body the jump start it needs by adding Athletic Greens to your daily diet.

* Note: While the FDA has approved Athletic Greens, the FDA hasn’t evaluated these statements. We provide information on our site for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute for medical advice from your physician or other medical professional. See our website’s full disclaimer here.

How I Modify My Box Jumps at CrossFit

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While I’m still in Florida, I’ve spent as much time at my CrossFit gym as I can. During a recent session during open gym (i.e. when members can work out on their own without a coach-led class), the WOD for that day had included box jumps.

For over a year and a half, I’ve had some tendon issues that made box jumps difficult, so I had a brainstorm about how I could modify them, and in the video below, I demonstrate it!

CrossFit Box Jump Modification

In the vid, you’ll see that the day’s prescribed workout was going to be a 26 minute, AMRAP – or, “as many rounds as possible.” It called for rowing, which is no problem. It also called for sit ups and air squats, which I can also do without difficulty.

But those burpee box jumps are another story! But, the method I devised gave me a way to do the jumps. In the photo, you can see the two bands that I slung up over the pull up bar. I then put the box below the bands, and then grabbing on to the bands, I jumped up.

Because the bands took some of the pressure of jumping and landing off my ankles there was no pain at all. As an added benefit, it worked my arms a little too!

So, if you have had trouble with box jumps, maybe this can help!

As it turned out, I was able to do four rounds in the 26 minute cap, scaled of course with my box jump modifications. Then I did a 200 meter row before the time went up. In the video, you can see how I set up my station, which is one of the nice things about coming in during open gym hours – plus I’m not in anybody’s way!

Hopefully over the course of the year, I’ll gain enough strength to come back and do it with the class again, but until then, I’ll continue to modify things!

Inspired by Heather Bergeron – CrossFit Athlete and Inspiration

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Recently, I got really lucky during my winter in Daytona Beach Shores. I happened to meet up with Heather and Ben Bergeron who are really well known in the CrossFit world! They own CrossFit New England in Natick, MA, which is probably one of more well-known CrossFit gyms in the US, according to Self Magazine.

Their gym is also the home gym to Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir, an Icelandic CrossFit athlete best known for her astonishing achievements in the National and World CrossFit Games – leading to her being called the “Fittest Woman on Earth” after her 2016 victories.

Of course, Heather told me none of this; nor did she tell me that she appeared in the CrossFit Games 2010 Adidas Commercial (doing insane handstand pushups, muscle ups on rings, walking on her hands, etc) along with Chris Spealler, another well-known CrossFit athlete and ambassador for the movement.

Neither did Heather tell me that she can deadlift over 300 pounds, clean & jerk 190 pounds, or a whole bunch of other stuff that I learned only later when talking with her dad (who stays in the same place we do during the winter) and my own coach, Laura Knutson, at the CrossFit Port Orange gym where I work out (Go #CFPO!).

Heather Bergeron CrossFit Beach Meeting

Nope, to me, when I met Heather and Ben on the beach, they were just some folks who were in astonishingly fabulous shape and who happened to own a CrossFit gym in Natick, MA. And, as casually as Heather was telling me to drop into their CrossFit New England gym if I was ever in the area, I was just as casually telling her about the great classes that MY gym has – including the popular Master’s Class, kids’ classes, etc.

She smilingly listened to my enthusiastic raves about what MY gym was doing.

I obviously had NO IDEA who I was REALLY talking with!

When I told my coach Laura, and Kyle (the owner of CFPO) about meeting Heather, and how I was telling her all about what CFPO was doing, I thought they were going to keel over.

“You DIDN’T say all that to Heather…” Kyle said, hopefully.

“Yeah, yeah I did…” I muttered, now thoroughly embarrassed by my utter lack of knowledge about this amazingly accomplished and well-known person.

Anyway, I did go back to see Heather on the beach the next day, after she finished an insane WOD that included more running, burpees, handstands, squats, and situps in one hour than I think have done in a month (and I can’t even do handstands yet).

Heather finishing up her WOD with some sit ups on the sand.

I apologized for my yammering on and on about my gym, and she just laughed. Then, she agreed to answer a question for me that’s been really pressing on my mind. Explaining what my YouTube channel is about, and what types of things I’m writing about here on, I found myself just pouring out my story to Heather. I’m in my late 50s, and I let myself go for over 20 years and am only now finally getting back to working on improving myself.

I told her that sometimes it just feels really hard. So I asked Heather what words of wisdom or advice would she have for somebody in our age group who’s wondering, “Can I get started? Can I really do this?”

What would she say?

Without missing a beat, she said, “I think the biggest challenge is just putting yourself out here kind of like what you said and just trying it because if you don’t try, you’ll never know. You’ll just continue staying stagnant and declining, likely.”

She continued, “I think the only way you can ever find out anything is if you just try it. Whether you try CrossFit, or whatever fitness plan, or diet, or change of lifestyle that might be, or even if it’s just trying to climb a rope for the first time, or trying to lift a barbell, or whatever it might be. As big or small as that might be, you have to just try it and see what might happen because the worst thing is not trying it and staying still.”

That’s good advice, and really kind of simple, isn’t it? It’s about taking one step, right?


So, I am so psyched and inspired as a result of this unlikely meeting! Who would ever have thought that I would meet someone so influential in the CrossFit world! I let her know how much she inspired me.

Check out the short conversation I had with Heather below. And believe me when I tell you that the influence she had on me and the inspiration she offered is incredible. As I say in the end of the video: “People, listen to Heather. I’m going to keep on doing it. She’s inspired and motivated me.”

I finished by thanking her, and wishing her a great rest of her vacation. I don’t know if I’ll meet Heather and Ben again or not, but it’s a meeting I shall never forget!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Review – Part 1

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Just the other day I ordered a container of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides on Amazon here, and it has already arrived, so I’m excited to get this review series underway! I felt I should explain to you exactly why I’m doing this.

Buy Vital Proteins Collagen here
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides from Amazon

If you’ve read my earlier posts or watched my introductory video you already know that I’ve been doing workouts at CrossFit and that I’m going to be 59 years old in this coming August 2018. Before I started at CrossFit, I had torn my right hamstring, and had a number of other aches and pains that I haven’t been able to shake – even though I’ve gotten into MUCH better shape than I was earlier.

But Why Take Collagen Peptides?

A few months ago, Martin told me that he had been taking collagen and bone broth and that his shoulders had been feeling better. I enjoy bone broth, but don’t always have the time to boil down a chicken, and even when I do – which is every couple of weeks – it doesn’t last longer than a day or so since John and I love it!

But, since Martin is really into boxing, and works out for hours nearly every day, I thought, “You know what? I’m going to look at this, because he knows what he’s talking about”

So on Sunday, 4/8/18, I spent a number of hours researching collagen peptides, not just Vital Proteins, a whole bunch of them – including the Great Lakes Gelatin brand, but I decided on Vital Proteins for now – partly because Vital Proteins is stated Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed, Non-GMO, and Kosher. The other reason I decided on this brand was based on one of the Amazon Reviews where the reviewer broke down the cost per serving versus the amount of collagen in each serving. I did a video on this (see below), and in it I show the review I’m talking about.

I did a little collagen research

I looked up collagen in general because I knew that it had something to do with skin and elasticity in skin, but I really hadn’t known how it might be helpful for joint pain. I did a little research here on collagen in Wikipedia.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Amazon Review
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Amazon Review

Then I went over to a few other sites (again, you’ll see them in the video where I visit each one) and noticed as I started researching that there are a lot of other potential benefits. There seemed to be quite a bit of emphasis on improving skin and hair, and thought, wow, if you could show me something to improve my skin, that would be amazing!

They also frequently mention how it might help your teeth, and I’m way into that as well. But my primary reason for buying it is to see if it will help my back, my tendons, ankles, and knees. I cannot easily do lunges at the gym, and I’d love to see if there is a way to improve my knees.

I noticed one woman in a magazine had used collagen and said that she noticed her knees definitely felt better, so I thought that was really interesting. That part is also in the video.

So, this is why I am giving this a try.

I just can’t resist trying it! As I did with the ol’ cabbage soup diet series, I’ll be back with follow up posts and videos. As I mention in the video, some of this may not happen until I get back to New Hampshire since John and I are into our last couple weeks here in Florida for the season. But I’ll be checking in again soon!


10 of the Best BCAAs for Women

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While we were researching Branched-Chain Amino Acid supplements earlier, it became increasingly apparent that there are more people interested in BCAAs than ever. There is no doubt that these have enjoyed a recent surge in popularity in the body building and fitness communities.

And for female bodybuilders, BCAAs are especially helpful when it comes to maintaining muscle mass whether they are on low-calorie diets or just working out at a much higher intensity than the average person.

While dieting is an essential part of health, fitness, and a healthy physique, it can also erode muscle mass due to the low-calorie intake – especially if one is on an extreme diet while participating in vigorous and intense exercise programs.

I have seen this myself since joining a CrossFit gym where a lot of the women enjoy a very high level of fitness that currently I can only dream about.

As is the case with most nutritional supplements on the market, there is a wide range and quality of products to choose from. Doing your due diligence beforehand and learning about some of the best brands and what they have to offer can help get you started on the right path to a toned and sculpted body, and a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Using BCAAs

For women wanting to maintain a healthy body weight and muscle mass, it is sometimes hard to balance.


We all know how much dieting helps in terms of keeping down unwanted body fat, but it is also known how disruptive low-calorie diets, especially when it comes to protein, can be in terms of building up or maintaining muscle mass.

This ‘catabolic crisis’ refers to the disharmony between low calories, protein, amino acid levels, and muscle mass. While widely recognized in individuals who are bed-ridden or reaching an advanced age, it’s not always the first thing one might think about in very active individuals.

Dieting results in the breakdown of muscle tissue for a few reasons. Leaner bodies lose muscle mass as the body tries to retain fat stores. Reduction in muscle mass also occurs as the body increasingly breaks down protein to free the muscle amino acids needed for energy. With the reduction in energy, protein synthesis levels will also decrease.

Studies have shown that BCAAs have the power to increase protein synthesis at a cellular level. Basically, BCAAs increase the body’s protein synthesis rate while also boosting the cell’s ability and capacity to synthesize protein, while inhibiting protein breakdown.

What to Look for in Choosing the Best BCAAs for Women

When it comes to women striving for a shredded body, the best BCAA supplement is one formulated with the unique health needs of women in mind. Not only will a high-quality BCAA supplement have the ideal BCAA ratio, it will contain additional ingredients known to enhance workout efficacy and recovery, as well as ingredients that may encourage fat-loss since many women are looking for that as well.

When it comes to choosing your supplement form, many women opt for the powder option as it not only delivers the necessary BCAA content, but also provides and encourages hydration.

While we touched on this in another article about Branched Chain Amino Acids, we decided to do a compilation of what appear to be among the highest rated and best reviewed formulas. Below is a list of the 10 best BCAAs for women that we have located (at least as of this writing).

I had some help with the input of a few people using them on a regular basis, and asked them to include a few points about why they liked each one. One thing that stood out to me – which I agree with when it comes to my own preference – is that most of the women prefer a powdered form versus the tablets. Mixing a flavorful blend into the workout bottle seems to make reaching for the water bottle more often a lot more pleasant!

1) IdealLean BCAAs

  • Delicious-flavored supplement made with coconut water (I use this one)
  • Designed specifically for women
  • Aids in maximizing weight loss while building muscle mass
  • Contains no sugar or calories
  • Servings contain 5gs or BCAAs and 2gs of amino acids
  • Ingredient ratio reduces muscle soreness
  • Provides quick workout recovery
  • Powerful fat-loss blend with green tea extract, Tonalin, coconut powder, and aminos L-Citrulline and L-Glutamine

Check out IdealLean BCAAs Here!

2) PrettyFit BCAA

  • All-natural and stimulant-free ingredients
  • Contains natural metabolism boosters
  • All-natural supplement with premium ingredients
  • Powder form gives hydrating potential
  • Click Here or on the image below to visit the PrettyFit BCAAs product page on Amazon

 3) Essential Amino Energy BCAA by Optimum Nutrition

  • Serving contains 5 to 10 calories, no sugar, and 5gs of free- form amino acids
  • Caffeine from natural coffee bean and green tea sources
  • Gives women a boost to finish workout
  • Powder form boosts hydration
  • Available in multiple flavors
  • Almost always seems to be in stock at Amazon
  • Click Here or on the image below to visit the Essential Amino Energy BCAAs product page on Amazon

4) FitGirl RecovHer BCAA

  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Builds lean muscle
  • Burns fat
  • Specially designed for women
  • Contains PH-balanced electrolyte formula to boost hydration
  • Click Here or on the image below to visit the FitGirl RecovHer BCAAs product page on Amazon

5) FitMiss BCAA

  • Specifically designed to meet the needs of women
  • Highest quality ingredients available
  • Serving contains 6gs of BCAA amino acids
  • The ideal post-recovery workout beverage
  • Comes in a variety of flavors
  • Click Here or on the image below to visit the FitMiss BCAAs product page on Amazon

6) BEAUTY RECOVER BCAA Refuel by BeautyFit

  • Rapid workout recovery formula maximizes workout potential
  • Increases energy levels
  • Believed to increase carbohydrate efficacy
  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Provides muscle hydration and prevents cramping
  • Powder form promotes hydration
  • Comes in appealing flavors like coconut pineapple mojito, strawberry grapefruit, ice lemonade
  • Click Here or on the image below to visit the Beauty Recover BCAA Refuel product page on Amazon

7) Scivation Xtend BCAA

  • Contains 7gs of BCAAs
  • Ratio supports muscle growth and maintenance
  • Sugar, carbohydrate, and calorie free
  • Contains 3.5gs of Leucine for muscle protein synthesis
  • Contains electrolytes to maintain hydration throughout workout
  • Burns fat
  • Builds muscle
  • Aids in muscle recovery
  • Click Here or on the image below to visit the Scivation Xtend BCAAs product page on Amazon

8) BPI Sports Best BCAA

  • Promotes lean muscle mass
  • Includes ingredients to help burn fat
  • Increases muscle recovery
  • Decreases protein catabolism
  • Promotes nutrient transport
  • Citrulline improves blood flow and oxygen delivery throughout the body
  • Oligopeptides result in increased absorption levels
  • Click Here or on the image below to visit the BPI Sports Best BCAAs product page on Amazon

9) Her Aminos Comprehensive Amino Acid Blend

  • Branched chain amino acids build and sustain muscle growth
  • Boosts muscle performance during workouts
  • Provides energy and nutrients needed during workouts
  • Decreases catabolic rate
  • As with other blends, increases protein synthesis
  • Decreases post-workout recovery time
  • Click Here or on the image below to visit the Her Aminos Comprehensive Amino Acid Blend product page on Amazon

10) Natural BCAA Powder by Momsanity

  • Only contains natural BCAA powder and all-natural ingredients (HUGE PLUS!)
  • No artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or dyes
  • Tasty fruit punch flavor
  • Designed by and made for women
  • Boosts muscle growth
  • Reduces protein catabolism
  • Boosts hydration levels to help avoid muscle cramping
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Click Here or on the image below to visit the Momsanity Natural BCAAs product page on Amazon

For women struggling to reach their bodybuilding goals, adding a BCAA supplement can be the missing piece of the puzzle. An effective BCAA supplement can help you get the most out of your workouts and help you reach your desired physique.

Can Music Heal?

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If there is one thing that will tie people together it would be their love for music. And this is a very important subject to me as you probably already know if you’ve been reading some of my other posts. You may have noted my passion and excitement over the Wholetones product (you can read my review here).

It seems like no matter the country or culture, music seems to play a huge role in the lives of those living there. The way music affects each of us is typically the same. We tend to love the songs that make us feel the most emotional reactions.

Music has so many purposes.

My lifelong love of music and spirituality naturally attracts me to music products like Wholetones
me singing – Long before I knew about Wholetones healing music

Music is not just for entertainment – although that has historically been my reasons for playing and singing. I used to play at a state fair in Maine (The Fryeburg Fair – see ancient photo of me on stage from the 1990s); it has made remarkable differences in the lives of individuals suffering from physical and emotional issues.

It certainly has been the case for me. I have always had a “searching” and spiritual nature, and music was (and is) an enormous part of that for me. So, I am naturally drawn to topics like this, and it’s very likely that this is one of the reasons I have been so passionate about Wholetones.

I personally feel as though music has helped ease bouts of depression for me during some difficult times in my own life. When I meditate, I tend to want certain types of music playing. When I’m typing (like right now, for example), I play something in the background. You probably already guessed that. LOL! But, not just one thing. Sometimes I feel like Mozart is what I need to hear softly in the background.

Medical Professionals Recognize Music’s Healing Nature

Now that physicians, surgeons, dentists, and other medical professionals have come to realize the powerful healing and impact that music has on their patients, most of them would answer ‘yes’ when asked can music heal.

Music also has quite a profound effect on those that suffer from mental illness. Depending on the source, it has been reported that about one in five adults living in the United State suffers from some form of mental illness. Sadly, less than half of these people get appropriate treatment.

It’s probably a pretty obvious statement to say that mental health issues create a vast array of problems and costs over $2 trillion each year in treatment costs. While there are several effective types of alternative treatments such as yoga, art, meditation, and other creative outlets, few have the therapeutic impact that music does. People who don’t have readily available treatment plans, alternative or traditional, have found that music is a viable solution.

Wholetones Review - a REAL Review from a real customer
Wholetones Review – Michael Tyrrell Healing Music Frequencies

Music Therapy May Help

Individuals with mental illnesses that listen to music or play musical instruments often find that music is a very powerful form of treatment. Scientific research has determined that musical therapy is so powerful that it has the ability to treat and improve schizophrenic conditions. Musical therapy has also been proven effective at treating depression, chronic pain, and anxiety. The fact that music has a physical effect on humans makes it an optimal treatment plan to also help with certain health conditions. Health issues such as high blood pressure, cortisol levels, and high heart rates have all been successfully treated with music therapy.

Other studies have shown that listening to music that contains positive messages can actually encourage positive thinking, increase empathy, and encourages more positive behaviors in people. People that listen to music that contains powerful positive messages often find it easier to connect with others while also increasing their social awareness and abilities. When participating in a musical therapy program the outcome is typically all positive, and it tends to reduce mental health concerns. Besides helping to treat mental illness, music also has a profound effect on healing other health conditions.

Music – Helpful for Physical Health?

Music therapy is now widely used to help people that have health issues. A fine example is how clinics that provide chemotherapy recommend that their cancer patients listen to music while receiving treatments. Just listening to their favorite songs or a recommended genre has provided chemo patients with less nausea, lowered anxiety, and less pain. Music therapy is also used to relax and encourage patients to heal. Typically, a music therapist will select the type of music that is known to stimulate and encourage healing.

A lot of hospitals, doctor’s office’s, dental offices, and other clinical settings use music to comfort patients. Surgeons have also found that playing music while in the operating room can help them relax, and comfort their patient at the same time. Music therapists have a unique ability to help patients to reach their goals while recovering from strokes and dealing with the harshness of chemotherapy.

Find What Feels Right

Since each person is different, so will the music that speaks to them and encourages them to heal. One person may find that heavy metal provides just the distraction they need, while others may prefer Beethoven or Mozart while dealing with health issues.

I mentioned earlier how sometimes I feel the need to play Mozart in the background. I have no idea why Mozart, any more than I can’t explain why I do NOT want to listen to certain other classical musicians (e.g. Hayden doesn’t relax me, nor does Handel even though I love the Hallelujah Chorus). There is something called the “Mozart Effect” that I want to explore as well.

Another thing I love (on occasion) is the sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls. I find it interesting, though, that it’s only SOMETIMES that I look for that sound. Other times I find it distracting.

Research has proven that listening to music while having procedures such as a knee surgery or testing such as a cardiac angiography or a colonoscopy reduced the need for sedatives because it helped lower anxiety levels.

Helping with Speech

Additionally, music therapy has been used to help restore lost speech in individuals that are recovering from traumatic brain injuries or strokes. I wish my dad would participate in this type of therapy, because he suffered a stroke about 6 years ago, and has struggled mightily to speak again.

What’s interesting to me is that my dad was one of the people I sang with the most growing up, so I would have thought that he would have jumped at the chance to try learning to speak again through singing.

Since the ability to speak comes from the left-brain, and the ability to sing is just the opposite (originating from the right side of the brain), music therapists have been able to teach patients to communicate again by first starting to sing what they are trying to say and then “drop” (for lack of a better word) the melody so that they are speaking instead of singing.

I can remember many years ago, when I had a cousin who suffered from a devastating genetic illness began losing her ability to speak. My mom would encourage her to “sing” what she wanted to say – and that worked for a long time.

When considering all of the amazing things that music does to the entire body, we are a fortunate that there are musicians and therapists that are capable of using it to benefit those in need.

I’ll sign off for now, but want to leave you with one of the classical videos I sometimes play in the background (this is Mozart). I sometimes wonder what Mozart or other musicians from that era might have thought had they ever known that their music would be on something called “YouTube” or used in something called “Music Therapy.” Anyway, this is a 1-hour video – just play it softly in the background when you’re trying to study and see if it helps!

My 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Results

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Hi everyone! I decided it was high time I gave you guys my 7 day cabbage soup diet results! I know it’s been a while since I actually finished my experiment. My dad was here for a few weeks and I got a little bit preoccupied with doing stuff with him, so I fell behind on my posts and videos for a little while.

I think in one of my videos – probably the last one (from day 5) I had mentioned to you earlier that I had only done the soup diet for about five and a half because I wound up going away for that next weekend and then my dad came in, but I did have some results.

Some of the cabbage soup diet results seem to be sticking!

Here are a couple of things that I feel I’ve been able to change as a result of trying the protocol. One thing I did is during the soup diet was cut out all dairy products. Hoang from the Total Recovery practice (he’s got his office next to the gym where I work out) had told me to not have any milk products during that week.

And, over the years, one of the things I had always consumed was had half and half in my coffee.

I decided to see if I could just switch to black coffee, and low and behold I have not had any half and half in my coffee since then.

I simply switched to black coffee – and I’ve stayed with it since then (and it’s been close to a month now). The carton of 1/2 and 1/2 says that there are 40 calories in two tablespoons. Well, I can tell you that I typically use more than two tablespoons in a cup of coffee. I’ll bet that I was using at least 100 calories of half and half a day. I stopped, so right there there’s 100 calories less that I have to battle every day!

(Cue FIST BUMPS and HIGH FIVES to ME!) 🙂 🙂 

I recall that years ago I used to drink my coffee black, so I don’t know what made me go back to using cream. Anyway, that’s 100 calories a day right there. If I don’t have half and half every day and I’m saving 100 calories a day that’s pretty good. That’s over 3,000 calories in a month. And of course over 36,000 calories in a year!! That’s that much of less that I have to contend with at the gym, for example.

Another thing that I was able to really cut back on and that’s also staying with me is not eating as much chocolate. I was having only two little bars, two little squares of Lindt chocolate almost every day, and that’s over 120 calories, or about 125 calories I figured because I went with the dark chocolate. So far I haven’t been going back to that on a daily basis either.

I was getting way into ice cream because I hadn’t been drinking as much so I kind of cut back on that too.

What about actual weight loss as a result of the diet?

The weight loss that I had over the course of that week (it was only about five or six pounds), was probably mostly water weight. We’ll see what happens. But, I think I’ve actually kept some of that weight off.

With my dad here for a couple of weeks, I wasn’t tracking myself much, and didn’t weigh myself either. But I don’t think I really gained that much back. I’ll report more on that in the next week or so.

I can’t really think of anything else that changed dramatically as a result of doing the cabbage soup diet, but I do like the soup itself.

I wound up making it twice while my dad was here, and he loved it! So that was just a natural part of some of our lunches and dinners while he was here.

And I’ve decided that I’m going to just be making it again more often – if only to kind of take a break from the heavier types of foods that I might normally be having. Like, if I have too much meat or fatty foods- it will be a nice break on occasion.

I’m going to have that as a more standard part of my diet going forward, if maybe just for a rest day or combined with some intermittent fasting, which I do do once in a while as well.

I did want to just give you that update, so thanks for bearing with me through all these little experiments that I’m doing! In all seriousness – a person can make “cabbage soup diet results” only SO interesting or entertaining…

I’ll be back with you again soon with some more posts, and also videos of product reviews. Thank you so much for joining me!