Ice Bath Benefits And Precautions If You Take One

When you work out, you want to utilize every approach that can make working out a better experience. One idea you may have heard of is an ice bath.

Benefits Of An Ice Bath

Working out can be painful. If you become injured, recovery can stop you from working out for a period of time. Ice baths can address these issues.

An ice bath can reduce your risk of injury. It can also reduce the pain that comes from working out. The small tears in your muscles will heal faster, and you will recover faster from sore, tired muscles.

Precautions You Should Take For Ice Baths

If you are considering an ice bath, the wisest step you can take is to consult with your personal physician. In some cases, ice baths can be dangerous. It can have harmful effects on your body, especially your heart.

  • If your doctor has given approval for an ice bath, start slowly.
  • Do not immerse yourself in the coldest water you can tolerate.
  • Start with a water temperature around 60 degrees or slightly higher.
  • You can reduce the water temperature by one or two degrees each time you take a bath.
  • Do not stay in the water too long. Allow yourself 6 to 8 minutes in the water.

Warm yourself up after an ice bath. You can wrap up in a blanket, put on a warm sweater, or drink a warm drink. Some people will go into a warm shower or even a sauna immediately after their ice bath, although to receive the full benefits it is recommended to slowly warm back up.

Keep your health and safety as your main priorities. Regardless of how long you have been taking ice baths, the water should not be below 54 degrees. If you are not sure of the water temperature, you can use a thermometer.

While ice baths are rarely dangerous if you are otherwise healthy, and do not use water that is too cold, pay attention to any unusual reactions you may experience. If you start to feel ill or the pain worsens, it may be causing more harm than good. Ice baths are helpful to many people, but they are not for everyone.

Working out can be a great experience when it does not lead to injuries or unnecessary pain. Whether you are new to working out, or whether it has not been the experience you hoped for, consider adding ice baths to your workout schedule.

When you heal faster and feel better after a workout, you will not need to take time off. You can achieve results faster, and reach your goals. A cold, refreshing ice bath after each workout can help you proceed with the rest of your day without as much pain and soreness.



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