Best Foods To Burn Fat And Build Muscle

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Whether your goal is to improve your body, your health, or both, physical fitness starts by burning fat and building muscle Regardless of how much time you put into working out, or what your exercise routines consist of, when you want to burn fat and build muscle consider the types of food you eat Protein In Your Diet Your balanced diet should be a protein-rich diet When you are planning your diet, do not neglect dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, and grains For muscle


How Do You Clear Your Nose On The Treadmill?

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I am posing this as a question for anyone with suggestions I have started using a treadmill for the first time, and I typically breathe in through my nose, and out through my mouth I have read differing opinions of nose versus mouth breathing while running, and my conslusion from that research that it is an individual preference thing, and to just find whatever works for me I have started going for longer intervals, 10 minutes or so, and my nose gets slightly runny, nothing crazy, but

Boxing Is The Best Most Entertaining Cardio Workout Ever – And The Time Flies

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I have been looking to pick up my cardio game, and I just can't say enough about boxing It is by far the best and most entertaining cardio workout ever! I'm not talking about the sparring aspect, but just the techniques and workout themselves Greg has mentioned how he loves Jiu Jitsu, and I imagine it is for the same reason I don't know if you have ever tried sticking with a cardio routine, but man can that get boring quick! Maybe you are thinking about it and came across this article

What To Do About Rotator Cuff Soreness

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If you work out, you may be accustomed to pain If you are new to exercise, you may be afraid that unusual pain means something is terribly wrong Pain in your shoulder's tendons and muscles is common, but rotator cuff soreness can be treated and prevented What To Do When A Rotator Cuff Becomes Sore Unless you have sustained a severe injury, pain and soreness in your rotator cuff can be easily treated at home The simplest home remedy is ice A small bag of crushed ice, or a ready-made ice


Beer Yoga Craze is Sweeping Across The Globe

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Here is one I haven't tried - Beer Yoga I just saw this quick video about it on Facebook, and looked for it on YouTube I love new, crazy ideas like this one, and going by the videos I have seen, people are enjoying this combination in parts of Europe, Thailand and Australia I wonder if they would consider having it here in the United States I'd give it a try I wonder how it would fare with hot yoga, that could be very interesting! Here is the video I first saw What do you think

What Are The Best Exercises For Weight Loss?

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Exercise can help you lose weight and become physically fit, but not all types of exercise produce the same results There are some forms of exercise that are more effective for weight loss, and you will have fun when you do them, too Water Exercise There are two different ways you can lose weight with water Swimming is the first example Swimming laps can burn more than 750 calories per hour A second example is exercising in water When you exercise in water, you burn more calories than