How To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels

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Testosterone affects your general health, your mental state, your sex drive, and your overall quality of life If you are noticing signs of testosterone decline, there are steps you can take to naturally increase your testosterone levels Weight And Dietary Changes Overweight men generally have lower testosterone levels If you are carrying extra pounds, now is the time to lose weight Make reaching your ideal weight a priority, and maintain it in the future Even if you are not overweight, the


When You Burn Fat, How Does It Leave The Body?

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There are a number of myths about fat loss You may have heard some of these myths, and are not sure what to believe Myths can be interesting, but it is better to know the facts Popular Myths About Fat Loss One category of myths can be attributed to advertising You may have seen ads for diet pills or other weight loss products Companies encourage people to use the products by claiming the products will cause excess body fat to melt away or burn away This advertising gimmick may sound


Should You Exercise With Sore Muscles?

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Sore muscles can be painful, but they can also be worrisome if you do not know what to expect When you exercise, you need to know how to deal with this issue Exercise And Sore Muscles Muscle soreness is normal when you exercise You may experience it while you work out, or hours after a workout While it occurs when you are new to a workout program, it may not entirely disappear even after working out has become a regular part of your life Exercise places physical stress on your muscles

How Much Weight Can You Sweat Out In One Hour?

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When you run or work out, you perspire You may be wondering how much weight you will lose in this process Weight Loss And Sweat While each person has his own rate of perspiration, sweating does cause weight loss Every 16 ounces of sweat you lose equals a pound of weight However, the weight you lose from sweating is not body fat or actual body weight When you lose sweat, the weight you lose is water weight The results may seem good when you step on a scale immediately after


Hi-tech Exercise At Home With The Peloton Cycle

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Finding time to get to the gym can be difficult when you have work and family commitments Luckily, there are thousands of home gym products on the market which can help you stay fit in the comfort of your home at a time that suits you These products range from basic fitness DVDs and weights to much more hi-tech home exercise equipment, like the Peloton Cycle Of course, exercise bikes are nothing new They have been popular since the fitness boom of the 1980s, but the Peloton Cycle is an


Best Foods For Muscle Recovery

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Body builders and athletes sometimes focus on foods to develop strong muscles but forget about recovery Their interest is in attaining muscular or fitness heights but they wonder why it takes so long and what causes pain and cramping One reason for slow development is that the body is busily using calories to repair injured or strained cells, not just build them Don't waste muscle creation by causing a catabolic reaction (when muscle is used for energy): fend off muscle loss with these