What Are The Best Exercises For Weight Loss?

Exercise can help you lose weight and become physically fit, but not all types of exercise produce the same results. There are some forms of exercise that are more effective for weight loss, and you will have fun when you do them, too.

Water Exercise

There are two different ways you can lose weight with water. Swimming is the first example. Swimming laps can burn more than 750 calories per hour.

A second example is exercising in water. When you exercise in water, you burn more calories than exercising in your home. You can try a fun exercise such as jumping jacks, and the calories will burn away.

Weight Training

Weight training provides an afterburn effect. This means the calories will continue burning away after you have finished working out.

You do not need the heaviest weights for this exercise to be effective. You can choose the weights that are comfortable for you to use, and work up to heavier weights over time.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

This produces a similar type of afterburn effect as weight training. You can find a number of studies that show this is more effective at burning calories through the day following the workout than steady, longer sessions of cardio

Jogging And Running

Jogging and running have been popular forms of exercise for a long time because they are easy, fun, and do not require any special equipment. You can jog or run anywhere, whenever you can fit it into your schedule.

If you want the best health and weight loss results, you should not limit these activities to flat land. Instead, jog or run uphill. If you are not accustomed to it, you can start with small slopes and increase to steeper hills.

These exercises are good for your legs and your cardiovascular system, in addition to helping you lose weight. When you become accustomed to running or jogging, start carrying small weights when you participate in this activity.

Jumping Rope

The toy you had as a child can help you lose weight. For the best results, do traditional jumps with both feet. After your first set of 100 jumps, do 100 more at a faster pace.

If this exercise seems too strenuous, you can start with 50 jumps per set and increase until you reach 100 jumps per set.

Join Boot Camp Classes At Your Local Gym

It is worth the investment if you can fit boot camp into your schedule. There are a number of reasons boot camp is an excellent choice when you want to go to the gym for weight loss.

First, boot camp provides the opportunity to perform a variety of exercises. You will benefit from each type of exercise. Second, there is much you can learn from your boot camp instructor. You will receive help whenever you need it.

Third, boot camp is the way to stay motivated. When you are encouraged by both your trainer and others in your class, you will not be tempted to give up or become discouraged. It is an exciting way to reach your goals.

Stair Climbing

Think of how many places in your city that have stairs. If you have been using the elevator, start to run stairs instead. You can burn hundreds of calories every day.

For the best results, carry small weights every time you run. Dumbbells weighing between one and five pounds are useful. You can lose weight simply by doing your daily errands when you run the stairs each time.

Exercise For Weight Loss Success

Exercise will help with weight loss, but you will achieve your goal faster if you include daily exercise together with a low-calorie balanced diet.

You should also keep in mind exercise is only useful if you do it regularly. Choose one or more of these examples, and do it every day. With daily exercise and a healthy diet, you will lose weight.

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