Web resources for medical professionals

The internet is the number one place to find information on just about anything. While the common people make good use of information to conduct research and find new information on things, as a medical professional, you may think the internet may not provide you with what you are looking for.

Contrary to popular belief, internet is filled with a lot of technical and scholarly information that is found in books. So instead of going to a library to read a book to get the information you need, you should look for the good web resources for medical professionals that will provide you information quicker than finding it in a book.

We have collected a list of some of the best web resources for medical professionals that are compiled by professionals of the medical field.

Smartpatients – The Smartpatients website is a huge community of patients and families that are affected by a variety of diseases and illnesses. The founders of this website believe that you can find a lot of resourceful information by discussing the diseases and illnesses with patients and other doctors in the community.


Drugs.com is another popular website that provides free information on drugs. Whether you are looking for further information on a particular medicine, or want to find out if anyone has ever reported side effects of a particular drug, you’ll find it all here. Plus other doctors leave their comments time from time to warn their colleagues in the medical field.


Acor.org is the Association for Cancer Online Resources. The website provides you with information and support on cancer through integrated system of a well made community that compromises of both medical professionals and patients. There are even specific groups where you can discuss resources and learn more about cancer and other medical problems and solutions.


The National Health Information Center is the number one resource for health education for both professionals and common people. The NHIC helps connect professionals and people to organizations that can help them answer their questions by providing them with the most up to date information and the most reliable sources available.

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