Is Chris Algieri Destined For MMA, Or The UFC?

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Ok, this isn't exactly a typical health topic, just my opinion, and as you may know, I enjoy watching some fighting from time to time, and fighters are fascinating to study, just for intense fitness goals etc, as they are in such amazing shape I was just recently reading Chris Algieri's Wikipedia Page, as I had watched a fight with him and Errol Spence, and the commentators said some cool things about him, and I tend to look people up after I see a fight For one thing, he is a high level

Has Drug Testing Made The UFC Less Exciting?

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I was just scanning a roster of an upcoming event, and was thinking meh, not sure I will watch that one, due to the lack of entertaining fighters Then I thought about how a number of exciting, explosive fighters, have seemed to lose their zip, and a few of them have tangibly lost their muscle definition Alistair Overeem and Vitor Belfort both have lost massive muscle definition, and in the most recent fights I have seen them in, they have seemed to slow down quite a bit Then I started

Sage Northcutt Brings A Bodybuilder Through An MMA Training Regimen

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You have to love Sage Northcutt, with his polite demeanor, and great attitude, and if you weren't aware, he is a fierce professional fighter, and also currently the youngest fighter in the UFC This video wasn't quite a Sage versus the bodybuilder, as the title suggests, but rather Sage taking Hunter Labrada through an HIIT circuit I took out some ideas from this for a nice circuit to both build muscle, and get a great cardio workout Fighting training, even without contact, is an amazing

Popular GSP RUSHFIT Workout System By Georges St. Pierre

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MMA's popularity has overtaken that of WWF and has also become useful in the wider fitness world Moves from MMA are incorporated into workout systems and programs at gyms around the country in order to motivate participants but also hasten results RUSHFIT by Georges St Pierre is one such system, developed around the essential elements of MMA technique, now available for home use by men and women of any age or fitness level with access to a DVD and TV Who Is Georges St Pierre (GSP) By

Fighting Workouts For Fitness

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Most people don't want to come to blows with a real opponent in the ring, but throwing a punch feels good There are lots of reasons to take up boxing, MMA, martial arts, and other fighting moves without sustaining any real blows Fighting workouts facilitate your dream of learning high energy, aggressive routines while losing weight and getting fit and keeping all of your teeth, which is a bonus Some series are to be completed over a given period of time with a menu plan as


How Celebrities Stay Fit

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Tabloids pounce on celebrities wherever they go and gloat over their bloated bodies between filming movies, TV shows, or music videos Yes, famous people have to eat sensibly, diet, and exercise too Most of them weren't born to be thin and all of them are getting older Notice that middles thicken around even the celebrity waistline How do famous people fight flab Here are some of the favorite routines and diets Spin Class Lots of famous women seem to favor cycling indoors on bikes going