Fighting Workouts For Fitness

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Most people don’t want to come to blows with a real opponent in the ring, but throwing a punch feels good. There are lots of reasons to take up boxing, MMA, martial arts, and other fighting moves without sustaining any real blows.

Fighting workouts facilitate your dream of learning high energy, aggressive routines while losing weight and getting fit and keeping all of your teeth, which is a bonus. Some series are to be completed over a given period of time with a menu plan as well.


Why Is the Western World Fighting Its Way to Fitness?

Punching and kicking people in real life is generally frowned upon, especially among teachers and students; medical workers and patients; lawyers and clients. In any job, really, throwing a punch as a way to handle conflict or frustration is sure to result in immediate termination of employment if not a lawsuit.

Why do we have the urge to punch? It’s the adrenaline that rushes into our bodies when we feel cornered or confronted, whether physically or emotionally. Getting rid of that adrenaline feels good at the time but not so good later when the police show up.

Releasing pent up stress in a safe manner without a real person in front of you is a far safer way to start or finish the day. Consumers feel their destructive energy ebbing away and happy hormones filling up to replace all of that cortisol. Put your muscles under strain and alleviate the pressures on your mind.

Fighting is also a novel way to get fit. If you are done with ordinary aerobics and step workouts but don’t simply want to life weights and build big muscles either, any type of fighting is a good compromise. You will build strength and endurance while losing weight, create lean muscle, and feel healthier both emotionally and physically.

Why Not Join a Team?

You could get a great workout by joining a local street fighting club or becoming a boxer. People who get serious about these sports are in great shape, but they have to hit real people and take punches too. It’s more dangerous: you could wind up releasing a violent side you would rather not have met; and joining a club is expensive.

Buying videos, however, is relatively cheap. Even with the addition of a few weights or a mat, you own the workout program; do it as often as you like for as long as you want. Come back to the series once in a while as you mix and match workouts to stay in top form. Those who design fitness programs try to keep you interested by varying the routines.

Themed Fighting Workouts

Most DVD programs or training regimen at popular gyms in this vein follow a theme. They are linked to boxing, karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, kick-boxing, MMA: the list could go on. Street fighting is given a formalized slant; some styles relate to military combat training.

All of these systems are led by individuals who really know their stuff; professionals who were or are in the boxing ring, on the Martial Arts mat, running MMA clubs or working as stunt doubles in Hollywood, and former members of the US Armed Services.

Some Top Systems

RUSHFIT by George St. Pierre makes it to the top of many people’s lists because the guy looks like he uses his own program and he mixes things up in such a way as to keep you interested. This is an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) type of program consisting of 6 DVDs, some extra training guides, and 7 workouts.

RUSHFIT should take you about 8 weeks to complete. Add a few dumb bells to your kit of equipment, choosing graduated sizes so you can progress. It’s fast-moving, popular, but expensive at roughly $130 to $140.

Les Mills Combat Workout

Blend 6 types of Martial Arts to experience a whole-body workout, just as you will with the RUSHFIT system, only with a bit of different style. Images on their website show some seriously excited women doing high energy moves, but they say these programs can be adjusted to meet your personal fitness level too. Try one of several workouts at a gym near your or pay for monthly Les Mills Combat on demand if you live in the USA or the UK.

BAS Body Action System

Bas Rutten brings his MMA moves to your home screen with his Body Action System, available in three programs. One is for everyday fitness; feeling healthy and fit without becoming an MMA superstar. His second system targets the whole body with circuit training moves. Part three is for wannabe MMA champs.

Work your way through them all to achieve not just total fitness but a fighting form that’s going to stand you in good stead if you want to take MMA fighting to the next level. Some special equipment is required, but Bas will teach viewers/participants how to do the moves properly, right from the beginning, and the tools help you achieve the best results.

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  • Mike Colon
    July 5, 2016

    As a training fighter, I totally recommend fighting workouts for anyone who wants to build strength, learn self-defense skills and be in shape!!!