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pH Tests Of Bottled Water: Which Are The Most Alkaline Or Acidic?

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This is an ongoing test I am doing when I purchase new brands of bottled water I have read about how alkaline water is good from various sources, and then, there are skeptics that wonder if it makes a difference I'm not here to debate that; just show a couple brands I tested There are plenty more brands I have not tested, and will add any more that I purchase For me personally, I would prefer to drink alkaline water over acidic water, just from the things I have heard about it over the

How To Recover From A Cold As Fast As Possible

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It's no fun having a bad cold; you feel ill, tired, miserable and you don't have the energy to do anything at home or at work Unfortunately, life doesn't stop simply because you're feeling under the weather, and you will often find that colds strike at the most inconvenient time -- just ahead of an important meeting at the office or a family party that you've been really looking forward to Sadly, there is still no miracle cure for the common cold Even antibiotics are no use against the cold


Activated Charcoal And Its Uses

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Charcoal in the barbeque is different from activated charcoal, a healthcare product BBQ charcoal is not edible and can, in fact, make a person sick Activated charcoal can be consumed or used topically to treat numerous conditions It's not a replacement for a medical opinion but, in a pinch, you could relieve many conditions and symptoms with this natural product Uses for Activated Charcoal Medical and holistic professionals advocate the use of activated charcoal in many contexts This


Glutathione, Another Alternative Miracle?

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According to proponents, glutathione is an antioxidant, it cleanses, and this substance will also re-boot your immune system As far as doubters are concerned, glutathione is just another gimmick; a product about which many wild claims are made, none of them supported by science What is the truth about glutathione Is it a miracle or a does it simply muddy the waters of alternative health care What Does the Human Body Face Daily Glance at prominent products on shelves at health food stores


Benefits Of Bone Broth

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There's always a new health food gimmick around the corner, even if you're still working your way through the pros and cons of your latest craze One to watch right now is bone broth Winter is over, so you might be thinking of salads But if you still crave a hot, soothing sipper for cold evenings in place of conventional hot drinks, this could be the one for you What are the benefits of drinking bone broth What Is Bone Broth Actually, we should first discuss what this is Youngsters or


Moringa Tree Uses For Health And Wellness

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The Moringa Tree could be one of the most important botanical discoveries of recent decades because of its many health-giving properties The leaf more particularly has been used in ancient medicine and holistic treatments to prevent and cure illnesses while its nutritional density could be without parallel Western scientists, however, only recently learned about it and want to learn more Nutritionists and holistic practitioners are excited and curious Consumers should also want to know how