Reversing Diabetes Through Meal Replacement Shakes, Soup and Green Vegetables?

There are a couple articles circling around by Richard Doughty about how he reversed diabetes naturally through a ‘starvation diet’, where he consumed just meal replacement shakes, soup, and green vegetables.

Here Is The Crazy Thing

He did this in just 11 days!

Here is one of the articles on Daily Mail if you want to read it.

I just get so excited about stories like this, and similar topics that are in the Spontaneous Remission Bibliography Project of seeming miraculous healings of diseases that are commonly considered incurable; I find it so fascinating.

Anyways, this hit home as we just wrote a review of the Vanilla IdealShake, which is a nice, tasty meal replacement shake, and I’m thinking of trying some additional stuff too. The more you learn…

Mr. Doughty says he only took in a total of 800 calories a day, and 600 was the shakes and soup, and then another 200 calories of green vegetables. How amazing is that? I know if I had diabetes, I would be trying that tomorrow. But even so, this tells me that it is probably a good thing anyways, and so I may even do a version of this, as it seems at the very least it would make for a great body cleanse for a couple days, and that’s always a good idea.

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