Why Egg Whites are Healthy for You

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Eating just egg whites is a brilliant alternative to eating the whole egg for people who are very particular about their diet and their weight. Eggs are a brilliant source of protein and lack calories which is a double bonus. Amino acids which cannot be naturally produced by the body are included in eggs and there are plenty of other fun facts which are indicative of just how great egg whites are for you.


Eggs are full of nutrients which are great for your body such as proteins and selenium which promote healthy skin and hair growth. Access to these nutrients also positively impacts the growth of your body as well as your energy levels along with muscle health. What’s more is that you get all of these without having to overload on calories.

The egg white of an entire egg even if it is a rather large one is only filled with 16grams of calories. There is virtually no fat which again makes eggs great if you are trying to lose weight but build up your body in the process.

Cholesterol Prevention

Most doctors recommend that Cholesterol should be controlled as far as intake is concerned since it has a tendency to build up in the body especially as a person gets older. 300 grams should be the ideal intake for most people and since one egg white gives you above 200 grams, you should stop right there and not overdo it.

While it is not harmful to have more than one egg a day, it fulfills your body’s needs even when it is taken in small amounts. With egg whites you get to benefit from all the available protein but you won’t have to worry about the cholesterol damage.

Eggs Are Not Fattening

Another reason that egg whites can be consumed pretty easily is because they are not only low in calories but they also have a very small amount of carbs in them. They are rich in Vitamins A and B along with being famous for Vitamin D and a small amount of calcium is also present.

Many doctors believe that the complete nutrition for a new being can be provided by an egg and while egg whites alone cannot accomplish that they still are very good for you and can help you control your weight without compromising on your nutrition.  Click here for an egg white muscle building supplement we personally recommend.

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  • Nash Rich
    April 1, 2016

    Growing up on a farm with chickens, I ate eggs every morning as a kid, and I still eat eggs every morning, and I’ve never grown tired of them. I always feel better having a breakfast including eggs, than just plain cereal, so I agree that they’re pretty good for you. I didn’t know eating just egg whites can help control your weight. My parents only eat the whites, and I’ve never really known why. Thanks for the info!