Losing Weight With MyFitnessPal

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The biggest nutrition database in the world is supposedly free: that’s MyFitnessPal. Consumers globally use the calorie counter featuring calories for 5 million-plus foods to monitor eating and lose weight. But there is more to MyFitnessPal: find out exactly what this program has going for it and why people are excited about it.

Value of Food Journaling

It’s easy to round up your calories or forget items you ate and accidentally miscount. When you don’t write anything down, drinks don’t count; a few teaspoons of sugar and cream in your coffee are forgotten.

Although you aren’t accountable to anyone but yourself when you write a food journal, this method of monitoring calories is still effective. When numbers go down in a book, they are irrefutable. People tend to wake up to the reality of what they are really eating and drinking. With MyFitnessPal, the assertion is that you will lose twice as much weight by journaling what you consume.

Free to Sign Up

That’s it: MyFitnessPal is a free program that encourages you to be accountable to yourself. Stay motivated and be real with yourself. There’s nothing hidden; no fees lurking. This isn’t a diet system either. All you are doing is taking a closer look at what you eat from morning to night and — for a lot of people — during the night too. It’s not the same as shaming you into a better way of life; just a means of opening your eyes.


The other part of weight loss is fitness, of course. That’s why this is called “MyFitnessPal” and not “MyWeightLossPal.” You are going to get fit by staying in touch with the amount of exercise you perform daily too.

There are loads of ways to raise your heart rate but the only person setting goals in this program is you. Choose the sorts of workouts you enjoy but, again, be honest with yourself. If you already take brisk walks daily but they aren’t having the effect you want, the calorie counter will help you figure out what sorts of moves would be better.

How Does It Work?

Sign up for the free calorie counter app and free calorie-burning calculator. This is through an app you can download to your smartphone. Use these to track your dietary habits and make changes where needed to eating and workouts. Learn what’s really holding you back from dropping a dress size or three.

It is a really simple app to use, since it can just read barcodes, and it has a really simple to use interface where you just select the portion size, and it inputs the nutritional information into your daily intake, and it keeps a record of each day.

Next, browse a catalogue of other apps which are not necessarily free but which can help you establish fitness goals and remain motivated until you reach them. Try “MapMyRun,” the “Fitbit Tracker,” and other training apps pertinent to the sort of fitness system you want to develop.

There’s no age or health profile better suited to the system either. Any age or ability is fine because every sort of exercise can be tracked using MyFitnessPal.

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