Is It Possible To Improve Your Vision Naturally?

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Good eyesight is essential for a quality life. There are natural ways to improve your vision, and increase your chance of lifelong eye health.
Your Diet And Your Eyes

There are some nutrients that are especially useful for your eyes. Some vitamins help your eyesight. Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin A. Citrus fruits are good sources of Vitamin C. Nuts, nut oils, avocados, and olives contain Vitamin E.

You can reduce your risk of macular degeneration by including dark green vegetables and yellow vegetables in your daily diet. These two vegetable categories can greatly improve your eye health.

Your vision can improve with foods containing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Some examples include grapes and fresh blueberries.

Chocolate is another source of antioxidants. Dark chocolate provides the most benefits. Eat a piece or two once or twice a week, if you do not eat it every day.

Eye health and vision can improve when you eat coldwater fish. Cod, sardines, mackerel, and wild salmon contain the fatty acid known as DHA.

You can also reduce your risk of cataracts. Add onions and garlic to your diet.
Your Vision And Eye Exercises

Perform eye exercises daily for stronger, clearer vision. Rolling your eyes can help your vision. Warming your eyes with warm hands and massaging your temples can be useful, too.
Rest Your Eyes For Good Vision

You use your eyes every day, and you have been doing so all your life. They do need an occasional break if you want them to stay healthy and have excellent vision.

First, give them a break periodically throughout the day. For every hour that you read, study, work on a computer, or watch television, allow your eyes to rest for 10 minutes.

Second, as an occasional break, use cool cucumber slices. Place them on your eyelids so your eyes can enjoy the break.

Third, your eyes need a good night’s sleep the same as your body needs it. For most people, this means 8 hours of restful sleep every night. For the sake of your eye health and your general health, give up late-night television and parties. If you do not have enough sleep on a regular basis, your eyes will not be as healthy, and it can weaken your vision.
Water For Your Eyes

You may not have thought of washing your eyes, but it can improve your vision and eye health. Water prevents dry eyes, and removes dust and other substances from your eyes. When your eyes are hydrated and clean, your vision will be better.

At least once each day, splash your eyes gently with fresh, room temperature water. It is healthier and more useful than traditional eye drops.
It is not impossible to improve your vision, regardless of your age. Even if you wear glasses or contact lenses, these tips can improve your eyesight. They can reduce your risk of developing eye problems as you grow older, and you can have a better quality of life with good vision.

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