When You Burn Fat, How Does It Leave The Body?

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There are a number of myths about fat loss. You may have heard some of these myths, and are not sure what to believe. Myths can be interesting, but it is better to know the facts.

Popular Myths About Fat Loss

One category of myths can be attributed to advertising. You may have seen ads for diet pills or other weight loss products. Companies encourage people to use the products by claiming the products will cause excess body fat to melt away or burn away.

This advertising gimmick may sound good, but fat does not literally melt or burn.

A second myth is body fat is converted into energy. Natural energy is useful, but the myth is not accurate.

A third myth is fat breaks down into small pieces, and is excreted from your body through solid waste. This is not true, either.

So How Does Fat Leave Your Body?

Fat loss is actually a chemical process. The process turns fat into carbon dioxide and water. Both the water and carbon dioxide are waste products.

Each of these waste products has a different way to leave your body. The carbon dioxide leaves your body through your lungs. When you exhale, fat is leaving your body.

The water can take a number of forms. It is excreted through tears, perspiration, solid waste, and urine.

As water is easily replenished in your body, the organ that is mainly responsible for weight loss is your lungs.

 Research studies show 84 percent of lost fat is excreted through one’s lungs, and 16 percent is excreted through water waste. 

I know for me, this poses the question of whether deeper or heavier breathing can have an impact on it’s own. I don’t know of any studies on the subject, but it is an interesting concept IMO.

Increasing Fat Loss With Physical Activity

You exhale carbon every time you breathe. However, physical activity increases the amount of carbon you exhale. When you want to shed pounds and body fat, you need to increase the amount of physical activity in your daily life.

Light activity is better than none, but moderate activity is better. If you have not yet developed an exercise routine, jogging is a good way to start. Sitting throughout the day will not bring the results you want.

Myths Vs Facts

Advertising myths are nothing more than attempts to sell weight loss products. You can be filled with hope for fast weight loss without any effort on your part. You can waste money on products, and be disappointed when they do not do what they claim.

Other myths may be old-fashioned, but many people still believe they are true. They think excess fat can become a supply of natural energy, or little pieces of fat are excreted through solid waste.

The problem with myths is they can stand in the way of results. When you know these myths are not based on facts, you will know what you need to do to achieve the results you want.

A healthy lifestyle that includes moderate exercise every day and a low-calorie, nutritious diet, will help you reach your weight loss goals. If you have reasonable expectations and do not expect overnight results, you will succeed. When you do not take myths and gimmicks seriously, the fat will indeed leave your body.

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