Wholetones Review: Michael Tyrrell Healing Music Project

Thinking of buying Wholetones and looking to read a true review first? You’ve got one here! We purchased Wholetones, so this comes straight from the heart!

When I first stumbled onto Wholetones healing frequencies a couple of years ago, Michael Tyrrell instantly grabbed my heart. Of course, anyone who knows me personally already knows that music is an extremely important part of my life. It always has been – it’s almost as though I cannot remember any time in my life where I haven’t been humming or singing.

I’ve also instinctively felt “moved” by certain sounds and tones throughout my entire life. I never gave much thought to this until I learned about Michael Tyrrell and his journey of discovery regarding Solfeggio frequencies – which is what his music (and Wholetones product) is all about.


It’s all about Healing – and Using Sofeggio Frequencies and Tunings

I was intrigued, and dove in to learn more.

My first impression was that this was some “Christian thing” since Michael is clearly a devout Christian. But, as I continued on, and watched some of his interviews, I learned that his passion for music – healing music – transcends all religion. Michael knows that people are hurting, and feels very strongly that music can help heal them. Is this true?

Making Miracles

Wholetones Review – Healing Music Frequencies

Again, coming from the religious standpoint, Michael states that God is real and working miracles. That’s a hopeful, positive statement which also caught my eye.

Of course I’m almost always looking for the potential for something miraculous to happen in my own life, and I imagine I’m not alone!

Michael’s Revelation

When you visit his site, you’ll get his backstory which includes his visit to Jerusalem where he first learned about these healing frequencies. If you are not familiar with Biblical references and people, some of what he talks about could escape you (it certainly escaped me).

But, it doesn’t seem to matter, because although I had heard about King David in my youth, I had no idea about what his role was in Biblical stories – or some of the other stuff Michael talked about on the site.

Nonetheless, I found myself enjoying his story.

Enough so that I began looking at the numerous videos you’ll see on his site (scroll down to his video library).

The Seven Solfeggio Tones & How they Fit in with Wholetones

There are seven Solfeggio tones that Michael uses in his tracks. They are as follows (along with a brief introduction of which songs they correspond to in the Wholetones collection, and what Michael believes their purported benefits may be):

396 Hz: Open Door

  • Michael calls this the “opening frequency” and is the first track. Michael explains that people come away from listening to this frequency with a feeling of peace, and negative feelings like shame, or fear, or guilt seem to subside. Physically, he believes that this may help our kidneys, liver, brain function, as well as blood and bones.

417 Hz: Desert Sojourn

  • People have reported that this helps break free of negative habits, while on a physical  level, it may help the intestinal and digestive functions, metabolism, gallbladder, prostate, and enzymes.

444 Hz: The Key of David

  • This is pretty much “the Biggie” when it comes to Michael’s revelation. And, it is THIS key that makes Wholetones so much different from other Solfeggio collections. In his book, he speaks extensively about the moment he had his “ah ha” moment. Michael discovered a distinct correlation between the tone of 444 Hz and the other tones making up this unique collection.

This key – what he calls the Key of David – is what he believes made the music of King David (of the Bible) so remarkable. Michael recounts potentially historical information about the instrument that King David was reported to play – a “kinnor” (a type of lyre, or harp). This was supposedly able to be tuned UP to an “A” at 444 Hz with the other Solfeggio tones complementing it. (Most of us tune our guitars these days to “A” at 440)

The Key of David and 444 Hz is worthy of an article all its own. But 444 Hz is the CENTRAL POINT around which the other tones are tuned. Michael’s book has a chapter devoted to explaining to fellow musicians how they can also tune their instruments to these frequencies as well.

528 Hz: Transformation

  • I’m not sure why this one personally resonates with me so much, but Michael believes that this frequency can help improve the length of of our telomeres and restore damaged DNA. He also says that it may be able to help hormonal balance, muscles and tendons, heart, lymphatic system, and circulation. For some reason, I find this frequency particularly interesting, and will be looking further into this for sure!

639 Hz: The Bridge

  • This frequency seems to be related to relationships (at all levels). As far as what Michael believes this may be useful for on a physical level, he mentions the endocrine system, including adrenal glands and gallbladder.

741 Hz: Great Awakening

  • This particular frequency also “moves” me deeply – kind of in my “gut” where I feel emotions. It kind of gave me chills when I read Michael’s explanation about this one, because he said that this one can have a big effect on the emotions! I didn’t even know that about this frequency when I first listened (I listened before I read the whole book, which I talk about below). Michael believes that 741 Hz can help us focus on our spirit. On the physical level, he says it may help improve our blood and circulatory system, along with improved heart, pancreas, and thymus functions, and help clear viral, fungal and bacterial infections). The one thing I can personally attest to is the emotional response I have when I listen to 741 Hz.

852 Hz: The Majestic

  • This final track is uplifting and energetic. Michael calls this a “celebration of the King of Kings…” and says that he thinks this particular frequency is “purely spiritual.” I find it a fitting closure to a listening session.

To see more, visit the ENTIRE Wholetones Amazon store HERE!

I Bought Wholetones – Download, CDs AND Book

Just to be totally transparent here, I purchased Wholetones with my own funds. I did not receive any special consideration. Frankly, I doubt that Michael and his publishers were even aware that I bought the product (even though I obviously promote it).

With my purchase came his book, The Sound of Healing – an easy read, if not a tad simplistic.

Michael Tyrrell

In the book, you quickly come to realize that Michael is a true believer – so much so that it’s difficult to NOT believe that there is power in certain musical frequencies and tones.

Review Point: Let’s start with Michael’s Book

If I’m going to give a full Wholetones review, it wouldn’t be complete without discussing the book. As I mentioned, it’s not a difficult book to read. It goes into great detail about Michael’s journey, and it’s an interesting read.

My personal problem, or issue, with the book is that his sources are largely anecdotal and in my opinion, not fully based in science. He frequently cites Wikipedia – not that Wikipedia isn’t a good source of information, but it’s certainly not the most scientific of sources.

Other than that, Michael Tyrrell’s discussion about the potential for different frequencies to effect healing in people hooked me.

Review Point: “Transformation” (Solfeggio Frequencies 528 Hz) is my FAVORITE!

Click the image to visit the official Wholetones site (This was my personal purchase!)

Because I listen to these tunes so often, sometimes I forget that they are playing – but then, the 4th track (“Transformation,” played in Solfeggio frequencies 528 Hz), will just “catch” my attention.

What IS it about that particular vibe? ALL the songs are lovely, and they ALL sound inspired. But that ONE track, “Transformation,” just grabs me.

The others that come in right behind when it comes to having a profound effect on how I feel are “Open Door” (396 Hz) and then “Great Awakening” (741 Hz).

I wish there was some type of scientific proof I could put forth about this. If there was, more people would jump on board. But, that’s the case with just about everything, isn’t it…

I wish there was a way I could describe to you about how certain tones of music make me feel. I wish I could verify how much more focused and productive I am when I’m listening to it.

Alas, as with just about everything that has a hint of spirituality about it, I can only offer my thoughts and experience.

I’m not going to rehash what you can read for yourself regarding Michael and the way he came to create Wholetones.

Summary: I’m simply going to tell you what I think overall – which is I suppose is the point of this Wholetones review to begin with:

  • I love what Michael is doing. He is passionate about his healing frequencies project. You just cannot make up the type of energy and heart he exudes. His excitement clearly comes through his presentation from start to finish.
  • The music is soothing and enjoyable. Whether or not “Solfeggio Frequencies” and the story of them are historically accurate or not (and that might be a bit difficult to prove at this point) doesn’t matter. They sound good, and it feels good to listen to them. I may not understand how it all works, but I can feel it on a very deep level.
  • I believe this is an inspired work. I do believe that people can be – and ARE – inspired in ways that are beyond our human understanding. So why not this? Michael does NOT come across to me as being any type of charlatan; he honestly comes across to me as someone who is inspired.
  • It does feel therapeutic. Music has long been used for therapeutic purposes, and whether Wholetones can create a bonafide “miracle” in my life, who cares if it feels good? Which brings me to the next point…
  • When I listen to Wholetones, I concentrate better (I spend a LOT of time at the computer as you might guess). I feel more focused and calm. Hey… wait, maybe that IS a miracle! 🙂 Sometimes it does feel miraculous to me. I love it!

Visit the Wholetones Amazon store HERE!

Buying & Downloading the Music

When you decide to buy the product, you’ll probably see a number of different options, depending on which package you are purchasing.

The product is super easy to download to your computer or other device.

If you decide on the original 7 Wholetones tracks (which is what I have), you can choose whether to buy just the downloads (no physical product), or the CDs AND downloads, or even the “Wholetones To Go” product – which is a portable speaker with the tracks already loaded.

With Wholetones To Go, you can carry the music anywhere, which is a nice option if you don’t have a computer or CD player that you can move from one room to another.

Another thing I like about Wholetones To Go is that it is a way to share the music with friends and family. One thing I noticed is someone saying they can bring it with them when visiting someone who may be in the hospital or in nursing care, etc. Very thoughtful!

Additional Wholetones Products

Updated in August 2018: Since I first bought Wholetones, Michael has developed a few additional products. As you’ll see below, there’s a Christmas album (which is really nice), and some others.

This is a sign (I hope!) that Michael intends to create additional compositions in these beautiful frequencies. As of today, the product list includes the following titles (click any of the links to go to the storefront for each product). I’ll continue to update this post when I learn of any additional products!

For now, here is the current product list that I see on Michael’s Wholetones Amazon store:

As soon as I have the links for these new titles, I’ll get them here for you. I’m sure that they will be added to the primary

(Whenever Michael adds new titles to his Amazon catalog, I’ll include them here!)

For me, Wholetones is inspired, and I love it when a person can turn a passion into a vocation.

As a former career coach, I used to echo an old adage to my students and clients. It was: “if you do what you love, the money will follow.” And that is certainly the case with Michael Tyrrell.

I am grateful that Michael Tyrrell has turned his passion and inspired music into something worth buying. That’s important to me.

More than just some tunes to hum to

I have paid hundreds of dollars for albums, CDs, etc over the years. And while I’ve always enjoyed listening to them – sometimes for years after I’ve purchased them – for the most part they were primarily entertainment. They are usually tunes I can hum to or harmonize with. Enjoyment for sure, but nothing that I could actually nail down as “inspiring.”

With Michael’s music, I get a whole lot more. While writing this Wholetones review, I thought about other music I’ve bought and listened to over the years. It occurred to me that it’s been a rare occasion that I’ve felt inspired to write or talk about any music the way I feel here.

Click Here to Buy Wholetones on Amazon.

I Love New Age Stuff – Michael does NOT Call it “New Age”

He argues this isn’t new-age stuff or magic. There’s a lot of good in what Michael says, and he does not promise that your situation will be transformed. Cancer might not go away. Wounds from burns might leave dreadful scars. Your paralyzed sister might never walk again.

As we know, music really does have the power to ease anxiety, lift one out of depression, and create order in the chaos of a mind suffering from ADHD or Autism.

Here’s a music healing experience I had in the mid 1990s:

I was hired to play music with a child with Autism who wasn’t able to vocalize where he lived. The goal was to get him to be able to vocalize his name and street address. He had previously wandered from home, and had been unable to tell someone where he lived.

It wasn’t until I struck a certain note on my keyboard that he seemed to “come to life.” This happened right in front of my eyes!

I played a simple tune in a number of different keys, and then, I played the tune in D major. It was like a light bulb had gone off, and the young boy responded. He learned the words I had put together, along with the tune. His mom told me that from there on was able to tell people where he lived.

It was an exquisite moment for me. It’s one I refer to again and again when I mention Wholetones. I believe in the power of music to reach people on a level that cannot always be explained.

I’ll Continue Listening to Wholetones!

I’m eagerly awaiting some scientific proof that music actually can cure illnesses. Until then, I’m content if all it does is make me feel better at the depth of my being.

Whether or not you personally believe that Michael Tyrrell’s inspiration came from God, does it really matter if you like what you hear, and if it “resonates” with you?

Yeah – that’s what I thought. And since it resonates with me, deeply, that’s all I care about. My only “complaint” is that I wish he would come out with more tracks! That’s how much I love it. (UPDATE: He IS coming out with more music!)

If you love the idea too, then you can feel good about buying Wholetones. I speak a little bit more in my Wholetones review video just below where I try to explain exactly how it makes me feel. Thank you so much for reading!

Click Here to Visit The Wholetones Amazon Storefront


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