Guest Editorial: What Happened When We Questioned a Prescription for Levofloxacin

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This is a post about the potential dangers of a specific prescription drug (Levaquin, aka Levofloxacin) that my husband was prescribed today (June 11, 2017) I’m writing this as a guest post – not to tell you not to take this drug, but to tell you about today’s incident, and why you – the consumer – need to be aware of what your health care providers are prescribing, often without truly paying attention to the potentially serious side effects of the medication I have nothing to gain


Yuri Foreman vs Nate Diaz – Mayweather Mcgregor Undercard Material?

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I was thinking about the potential upcoming boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor, and if the fight happens, which it seems like it may, then who would be on the undercard I am thinking that Nate Diaz may be a contender for the undercard on this fight night, as there is a bit of an exception happening, allowing Conor to fight one of boxing's all time greats in a boxing rules fight, and so, following that theme, why not make another match One boxer comes to mind as a

Andre Ward Doesn’t Think The Mayweather Mcgregor Fight Is Bad For Boxing

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If you follow any type of fighting, or even look at news headlines, you can't avoid the talk of a potential boxing match between Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather You have big name boxers who oppose it, and think it is bad for the sport, and then some others who don't think it's bad, and could even be good for boxing, or even both sports Andre Ward is one who sees it as potentially beneficial to both sports because of the crossover of fans that get brought to each sport, along with the

Knockout Artist Keith ‘One-Time’ Thurman Is Into Mindfulness & Meditation

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I am always intrigued when a high level athlete has another dimension to their personality, especially one that seems to almost contradict their chosen profession, such as the case here with Keith Thurman He is considered by many to be the top Welterweight in the world, over names like Manny Pacquiao, Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia He fought and defeated Garcia and Porter, and was recently called out by Errol Spence, who won the IBF Welterweight Title over in Sheffield, England in his

Is Errol Spence Jr. The Best Welterweight In The World?

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Errol Spence Jr is making a good case for potentially being the best welterweight in the world He just had an impressive win over Kell Brook in Sheffield, England in front of a sold out crowd of 27,000 in Kell Brook's backyard, and won the IBF Welterweight Championship Currently he is not a huge name in the sport, albeit he is growing fast, and that was his first title fight in his pro career Here Are Some Impressive Highlights About Errol Spence , and that is the first time anyone has