Yuri Foreman vs Nate Diaz – Mayweather Mcgregor Undercard Material?

I was thinking about the potential upcoming boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor, and if the fight happens, which it seems like it may, then who would be on the undercard.

I am thinking that Nate Diaz may be a contender for the undercard on this fight night, as there is a bit of an exception happening, allowing Conor to fight one of boxing’s all time greats in a boxing rules fight, and so, following that theme, why not make another match.

One boxer comes to mind as a prime candidate to face off in a boxing fight against Nate Diaz, former middleweight title holder Yuri Foreman.

Yuri has a record of 34-3, and 1 NC, and Andre Ward says that he KNOWS that Nate or Nick Diaz would do well in boxing.

I think Yuri would make a very interesting match up for Nate Diaz, and add another interesting fight. I don’t know if Nate would be OK being on the undercard, but I think a lot of factors line up here, with Nate being buddies with Floyd also, and with rumors of Nate having applied for a boxing license.

I recall Nate mentioning that he would be down for a boxing match, since he thinks he can hold his own, and that they pay well. I think he would get a nice payday on this night, and give Yuri some nice exposure, whichever way the fight goes.

Then there is Yuri Foreman, who fought an epic fight against Miguel Cotto, because his leg went out, and he kept on fighting. Initially the announcers regarded it as more of a tune up for Cotto, but as the fight progressed, the focus went more towards Foreman.

SuggestedFloyd Mayweather Conor McGregor Undercard/Co-Main Event Options

That fight had a moment in it like a Rocky movie where everyone was in the ring, as though the fight was over, and then the ref screamed at everyone to get out, since the fight was still going on. Yuri gained a lot of respect that night for pressing on like a warrior.

Then Foreman fought Erislandy Lara, the current light middleweight champ, and so Yuri has faced a few big names, and having lost to Lara, would like to make a nice return.

I can definitely see Nate being on the undercard for Mayweather McGregor, and a fight with someone like Yuri Foreman could make a decent fight. Boxing fanatics will likely say it should be a breeze for Yuri, like it should be for Floyd against Conor, and then you have some like Andre Ward, who isn’t opposed to the Mcgregor Mayweather fight, that may be betting on Nate beating Yuri.

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