Andre Ward Doesn’t Think The Mayweather Mcgregor Fight Is Bad For Boxing

If you follow any type of fighting, or even look at news headlines, you can’t avoid the talk of a potential boxing match between Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather.

You have big name boxers who oppose it, and think it is bad for the sport, and then some others who don’t think it’s bad, and could even be good for boxing, or even both sports.

Andre Ward is one who sees it as potentially beneficial to both sports because of the crossover of fans that get brought to each sport, along with the sheer attention from everyone.

Who Is Andre Ward?

He is one of the top pound for pound boxers in the world, as a light heavyweight, and some would rate him as the #1 pound for pound, with an undefeated record of 31-0 with 15 KOs. He has a rematch in July 2017 with Sergey Kovalev, who was previously undefeated also, with a 32-0 record, and now is 32-1, his only loss being to Andre Ward.

Andre’s Take On The Mcgregor Mayweather Fight

Clearly this is getting a lot of attention since everyone is talking about it; Andre said he gets asked at every interview about what he thinks about it (which tells me he is also realizing how big it is, and is something a lot of people are interested in seeing). I personally like the idea, and even chimed in on what I think would make it the fight of the century.

I felt Andre made some good points. One was seeing boxers attacking each other verbally, and how that looks for the sport overall, especially to casual fans or potential fans. He feels boxers should root for each other more, and keep casual fans in mind, which is a big part of what boxing is for.

Where on the other hand, when there is a crossover, like someone in another sport talking about boxing, and having something interesting to talk about, that it just helps the sport overall. He recently overheard someone in an aerobics class talk about Kevin Durant (a pro basketball player), and said stuff like that is always good for a sport. I see where he’s coming from and think it makes a great point.

Andre sees it as entertainment, where you take perhaps the greatest boxer ever and put them against the biggest UFC star, which he thinks is pretty cool by itself. Then he points out how he thinks it’s impressive that they even made it happen (if they do), and that in the very least, it brings attention to boxing, and if it turns out to be a good fight, that’s an extra bonus.

But he points out especially, that this fight is for the casual fans, which are important for boxing, and any sport. He thinks that all boxers benefit from it (even Oscar De La Hoya – since someone whispered his name in the video, and Oscar’s written a letter in opposition to the potential match), since many will be asked about it, and then that draws attention to them, which is only a good thing.

Could Both Sports Use A Resurrection?

Is boxing not what it used no be? Is UFC losing some steam?

There are lots of people who talk about how boxing isn’t what it used to be. That the big fights don’t have the same draw as the old fights did, nor the same paydays for the top level fighters. People also insinuate that the UFC is getting diluted with all the interim belts, and now with no fights on the horizon from some of the biggest stars like Ronda Rousey, The Diaz Brothers and Conor Mcgregor.

Maybe this could bring in more attention to both sports, and reignite some excitement surrounding boxers and MMA fighters.

Andre Ward also has great respect for the Diaz brothers, and says they are always in his camp when he is facing a southpaw, and that they always come in great shape and last for the whole camp. I know for me, that makes this whole Mcgregor Mayweather fight even more intersting, and my curiosity about how Nick or Nate Diaz would do in a boxing fight. Maybe one of them will be on the undercard?

Who Will Be On The Mayweather Mcgregor Undercard?

Here’s the million dollar question, and quite literally for some of fighters on the undercard. There are fighters who say it’s bad for boxing, and that they want nothing to do with it, but will they decline the opportunity to be on the undercard of this fight? No one can deny there is pretty much global interest in it at this point, whether you love the idea or hate it.

Recently Anthony Joshua said to Floyd Mayweather he’d be up for being on the undercard, when they met in the UK after Floyd went over to support his protege Gervonta Davis, who brought a title hoem after his win over Liam Walsh.

What Do You Think?

Is the Mayweather Mcgregor fight a good thing for boxing? For the UFC?

Do you have Mayweather schooling the man from Ireland, or Mcgregor sneaking in that elusive left and winning?

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