Knockout Artist Keith ‘One-Time’ Thurman Is Into Mindfulness & Meditation

I am always intrigued when a high level athlete has another dimension to their personality, especially one that seems to almost contradict their chosen profession, such as the case here with Keith Thurman.

He is considered by many to be the top Welterweight in the world, over names like Manny Pacquiao, Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia. He fought and defeated Garcia and Porter, and was recently called out by Errol Spence, who won the IBF Welterweight Title over in Sheffield, England in his impressive win over Kell Brook.

I was watching the Reveal video with Thurman, and Mark Kriegel mentioned how he is into mindfulness and meditation, and so I was intrigued and found a video series by FightHype called ‘Being Keith Thurman’, and Keith goes into a whole bunch of topics, often getting philosophical and spiritual.

He is an avid reader, and one book he listed is one I enjoyed years ago, Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh, and he also said he enjoys reading about Numerology. Along with that, he likes to try new things, and has been doing some musical stuff, like playing the recorder and piano.

Does Meditation Help With Boxing?

He said he devotes 10 minutes per day to mindfulness/meditation. He feels that meditation helped him as a fighter, since learning meditation is essentially learning concentration. He said that he does it before fights, and also imagines the possible outcomes in the fight. Keith also says he puts himself in a state of calmness during fights, which he says is similar to a meditation, and that it helps him that way; and that being calm is important during a fight.

This reminds me of Conor Mcgregor, as there is a whole video series about him, speaking about the Law of Attraction, and he talks a lot about visualization. They are both high level champion fighters, and so I think you can say there is something to visualization.

Keith has a genuine passion for spirituality, as he was quoting biblical references, such as Jesus walking on water, and how the other guy did too, until he had doubt, and he has a strong interest in that stuff, saying he loves it like he loves boxing.

Anyways, he will possibly be facing Errol Spence within the next 6-8 months or so, once his elbow recovers from a recent surgery, as that seems to be the match up that makes sense to unify most of the Welterweight titles, we shall see.


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