Losing Weight

When You Burn Fat, How Does It Leave The Body?

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There are a number of myths about fat loss You may have heard some of these myths, and are not sure what to believe Myths can be interesting, but it is better to know the facts Popular Myths About Fat Loss One category of myths can be attributed to advertising You may have seen ads for diet pills or other weight loss products Companies encourage people to use the products by claiming the products will cause excess body fat to melt away or burn away This advertising gimmick may sound


Dangers Of Too Much Belly Fat

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Belly fat is unattractive You may feel self-conscious and embarrassed when fat is clearly visible over the waistline of your clothes It can also be uncomfortable When you have excess fat in your abdominal area, tight-fitting clothing produces discomfort While your appearance and comfort are important, there is a more important issue to consider Too much belly fat can lead to serious health risks What Is Belly Fat- And Why Is It Different Belly fat is more than excess weight The fat in


I’m Losing Weight Via Counting Calories – Not Law Of Attraction

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The reason for this title, is that I am a fan of The Law of Attraction I heard about the Secret years ago when it came out, and like LMFAO, I too was into it before Oprah, lol Over the years, I have picked up a more sedentary lifestyle, as earlier in my school days, I was very active, playing different sports throughout the years, and plenty of activity during the weekends, and was always pretty fit, and mostly ate what i wanted Well, this has definitely changed, as I have slowly been

Can You Lose Weight By Eating Coconut Oil?

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When you want to lose weight, consider coconut oil There are a number of reasons it can help you reach your weight loss goals Coconut Oil And Your Metabolism When you boost your metabolism, weight loss will be faster and more effective A simple, all-natural way to boost your metabolism is with medium chain fats Coconut oil has a high content of these triglycerides When the coconut oil speeds up your metabolism, you will burn calories with less effort You can expect an additional