I’m Losing Weight Via Counting Calories – Not Law Of Attraction

The reason for this title, is that I am a fan of The Law of Attraction. I heard about the Secret years ago when it came out, and like LMFAO, I too was into it before Oprah, lol.

Over the years, I have picked up a more sedentary lifestyle, as earlier in my school days, I was very active, playing different sports throughout the years, and plenty of activity during the weekends, and was always pretty fit, and mostly ate what i wanted.

Well, this has definitely changed, as I have slowly been putting on weight as I sit around more, even with somewhat mindful eating, and some exercise.

Here Is The Interesting Part (For Me Anyways)

I have never considered myself chubby. I literally always imagine myself to be fit and lean. It is truly a belief I hold (as I know some Law of Attraction pundits will say, if you notice you aren’t fit, then you aren’t following the Law of Attraction).

Well, you will just have to take me at my word here, or not. But I genuinely could never imagine myself overweight, like it is not even possible!

Well, I finally had to admit, that with decent eating habits, weekly workouts, etc., I was putting on weight over time. My son even called me fat, in a loving way, but he was genuine, and that was telling.

How I Have Started To Reverse It

I have always thought counting calories was silly, that it’s more in your mind etc. But my progression towards having a big belly and all that was becoming undeniable, despite my own inward denial.

I know some people who use MyFitnessPal, and have claimed it helped them. I tried it some time ago for a while, and then sort of lost interest.

Well, for some reason, recently a resolve came over me, as I started working out more consistently, and was clearly not making much progress. Matter of fact, I was still gaining weight, a substantial amount by my standards (around 30 lbs over a healthy weight for my height).

Well, counting calories with MyFitnessPal has worked, and I am down around 15 pounds over the course of 3-4 months.

That may not be big progress, but I am quite happy with it, and now I am seeing a noticeable difference in my belly fat etc., which has served for even more motivation, and having always been fit, a 6-pack has always eluded me, and I am hoping that I can get one of those eventually also!

Props to anyone who has lost weight through The Law of Attraction. I don’t doubt for a second it can be done. But for me, just that alone wasn’t quite enough.

You often hear stuff like, 90% of weight loss is done in the kitchen, and that is essentially the only change I made for some time, changing nothing else, where I started making real progress.


Here’s a bit more about the journey in the following video!




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